Reflexology dates back centuries

Reflexology dates back centuries

Reflexology has been around for many centuries however it is still treated as some mystical practice. The very essence of reflexology is based upon there being zones and areas of reflex directly related to various areas of the body.

The practice of reflexology utilizes the applying of pressure to the various reflex areas via your thumb, fingers and the palm of your hand. This stimulates the reduction of stress which further promotes changes physiologically to the body, often via areas specifically related to the glands, organs, parts and systems of our body.

Charts are available which categorise areas of the hands and feet which link directly to the various areas mentioned above.

Ailments that reflexology can treat

Sinus problems
Back problems
Breathing problems
Hormonal imbalances
Digestive disorders
Circulatory problems

More data to follow with hand and foot reflexology charts