Warm Cold Repellant Remedy

Autumn and Winter are the worst seasons for colds. Sore throat, stuffy nose, tired muscles, general lethargy and temperature are signs that the body is struggling against not-so-welcome bugs.

Warm Cold Repellent Remedy

Although a balanced diet, which includes lots of fruit and vegetables, strengthens the body’s immune system and is a good preventive against the ‘common cold’, it is not always enough and the cold gets the better of you.

Beat the cold as the first symptoms occur

This warm and great tasting drink will bring relief to a sore throat and is an excellent first aid once you feel the symptoms of the cold coming. Fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and lemon are nature’s own remedies, which all have a wide range of health benefits. Ginger is one of nature’s best medicines against various inflammatory diseases. This natural medicine is used, for example, in preventing respiratory infections. Both ginger and cayenne pepper help to reduce phlegm and mucus, which alleviates congestion. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin-C, which strengthens the immune system and which is believed to prevent colds and shorten their duration.

Warm drinks in general ease sore throat and breathing, opens blocked nose and warm you up. Remember to drink plenty and rest well during cold.

1-2 cm piece of fresh ginger
a pinch of cayenne pepper
fresh lemon juice (1-2 tbls or to your own taste)

Peel and grate (or chop into small pieces) the ginger, place in a cup. Add the cayenne pepper and pour boiling water over, almost to the full. Let the drink cool down, until drinkable and then add the lemon juice.



You can also add crushed garlic into the drink. Garlic is known for its virus and bacteria killing properties, and that is why it is called a natural antibiotic.

Garlic is considered a super food that has got many healing properties and benefits for health. Add the crushed garlic to the drink in the beginning with the ginger.

It may sound quite appalling but it is not really that bad. You can add a small amount of honey, to add sweetness if you like.

Our friends from Juicerkings also told me that it’s possible to do this with a juicing machine.

Take care of yourself.

Author: Piia Doyle – Editor Time-to-Run Suomi