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Limassol Marathon receives award

limassol marathon award 2015
The honors continue for the Limassol Marathon GSO on international levels.

Limassol Marathon Best in Europe 2015

We are proud to announce that the Limassol Marathon GSO has been elected by MyNextRun users as the Best International Marathon in Europe for 2015. MyNextRun is one of the biggest online platforms specializing in mass participation sports events such as Marathons and Long-Distance Running Events. The platform hosts thousands of users which elected the Limassol Marathon as their favorite choice, by a landslide. Precisely, the Limassol Marathon GSO has collected 37% of the votes, leaving behind classic and historic Marathons such as the Athens Authentic Marathon, the Berlin Marathon, the London Marathon and the Rome Marathon.

The users of the MyNextRun highlighted the unique characteristics of the Limassol Marathon emphasizing on the flat nature of the race route, the coastal character of the race and the amazing weather conditions.

We would like to thank the hundreds of users who voted for us, as well the thousands of friends and supporters who believe in the prospects of the Limassol Marathon. We will not stop until we realize our vision, which is to establish the Limassol Marathon as a major sports event in Europe.

As the organizing team of the Limassol Marathon we would like to invite everyone to run the brightest Marathon in the world on Sunday the 10th of April 2016.