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Welcome to the Marathon section

The Marathon, the distance that still puzzles and intrigues most, as well as attracting the most media and public attention. The distance that legends are based upon, from the greats who ran it Emil Zatopek to Carlos Lopes as well as Frank Shorter who surely ignited the running boom in America with his great win in the 1972 Olympic marathon. The development from Jim Peters the first sub 2Hr 20min to the now world best time of Khalid Kannouchi, 2Hr 05min 38sec.

Paul Tergat holds the WR of 2:04:55, and was the first man to break the 2:05 barrier | report |

28 Sept 2008 – Gebrselassie sets new WR of 2:03:59 in Berlin

30 Sept 2007 – Gebrselassie sets new WR of 2:04:26 in Berlin

And don’t forget the women, from Joan Benoit winning the inaugural Olympic marathon [1984) to Paula Radcliffe [2:15:25 – 2003] the current world best time holder. And along the way we had the great Norwegians Waitz and Kristiansen who put the women’s marathon on the map and in the mind of the public with their great performances.

The Forums are discussing topics related to the Marathon, see the discussion about Khallid Khannouchi [ more ]

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