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Vantaa Marathon 2019, 50th anniversary

Tikkurila will be filled with running enthusiasts when the Vantaa Marathon takes place on Saturday, October 12, 2019. The event is held at the Tikkurila Sports Hall and the Swimming Hall.

Marathon Celebrations in Vantaa – 50th anniversary of Vantaa Marathon

The Vantaa Marathon is one of the largest and most traditional marathon events in Finland. This year, Vantaa Marahon is also celebrating its

50th anniversary. The first marathon was run in 1969 in Korso but the event was moved to Tikkurila in 1994, where it has been held ever since. At that time also the organisation of the event was handed over to three local clubs – Kenttäurheilijat-58, Korson Kunto ja Vantaan Salamat – who to this day run the event. The name was also changed to Vantaa Marathon.

Distances to fit all tastes

If the marathon, or 42.2 kilometers, still feels too challenging, you can also take part in a half marathon (21.2 kilometers). Half a marathon has, with its popularity, gone well past the marathon, and has held its ground for the highest attendance since 2009. There is also a quarter Marathon (10.55 km) and a marathon relay if you fancy putting a team together for the event.

Mini Fun Run for kids and teens

This year, for the first time Vantaa Marathon wants to offer something for the children, youth, families and really, just anyone interested in running and walking. The Mini Fun Run takes off right after the start of the marathon at 11.10, so you can feel the excitement of the event at the startline. Participants will be rewarded with their own Vantaa Marathon medal, numbered label and snacks after the race.

Praised for the atmosphere and the fast route

The Vantaa Marathon is known for its fast route and relaxed atmosphere with its post-race coffee buns. The race course is a 10.5 km lap and there is plenty of audience and happy cheers during course of your event.

Vantaa Maraton wishes all runners welcome! You can register here