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Kidane takes Lausanne Long title

29 March 2003 – Avenche, Switzerland – Ethiopia’s Werknesh Kidane hung on to capture the Women’s long course title today, after a powerful attempt by the American Deena Drossin.

This victory didn’t come cheaply or easily. Deena Drossin delivered a display of absolute aggression, when she obliterated the rest of the field with a brutish attempt to winWerknesh Kidane

this title.

The American’s tactics put paid to all but one, as early as the end of the 2nd lap of this grassy slightly undulating course. With an opening lap of 5:28 followed by 5:38, the rest of the field was soon left in the wake of the front two.

Kidane, the 1999 World junior cross country champion, remained composed and never panicked, as Drossin continually applied the pressure to rid herself of her shadow.

The 30-year-old American had stated before the race: “I’m going to be aggressive right from the start, that’s the way I race best.” This was totally evident as the 2:26:53 marathon runner, played to her strength by attempting to run the sting out of the finish of her rivals.

At first, Asmae Leghzaoui of Morocco and Merima Denboba [Ethiopia] tried to go with her, however the pace that Drossin provided was doing the job.

On one occasion [from a personal point of view], it looked as though Kidane was tiring, for the first time her arms looked to be working a little harder. It was at this time, that Drossin should have applied her final blow. The American did not and the Ethiopian began to visibly recover, whereas Drossin began to display the look of an athlete awaiting her fate. This moment is also quite evident in time gap of the pursuers, on one occasion they had slipped behind the front 2 to as much as 38 seconds, however at the finish they had closed the gap on Drossin to 26 seconds.

The sport of running is often about confidence, and with Kidane regaining her composure it did not come as surprise when with 200m to go, the Ethiopian blasted past Drossin and went on to win in 25:53, 9 seconds ahead of the American in the end.

Following In third, Kidane’s team-mate Merima Denboba ran 26:28, with another Ethiopian, Eyerusalem Kuma, a further two seconds back in fourth.

Kidane’s win and the excellent packing of her team-mates led Ethiopia to an easy win in the Team competition [18 points ] over arch rivals Kenya [ 27 pomits ]. Drossin had the pleasure of leading her team to the bronze medal, with Colleen De Reuck in 8th place assisting.

Women’s results
1 Kidane ETH 25:53
2 Drossin USA 26:02
3 Denboba ETH 26:28
4 Kuma ETH 26:30
5 Chemjor KEN 26:33
6 Chepchumba K 26:35
7 Rumokol KEN 26:37
8 De Reuck USA 26:49
9 Cheptanui KEN 26:55
10 Yohannes ETH 27:06

1. Kenya, 18 points.
2. Ethiopia, 24.
3. Morocco, 61.
4. Russia, 79.
5. Australia, 96.

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