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Chepkero Athletics Club

Chepkero Athletics ClubKenya: P.O. Box 5425 – Eldoret, Kenya

Chepkero Athletics Club is located in Flax Centre, Chepkero Location, Kaptagat Division, Uasin Gishu District, Rift Valley Province, Kenya, East Africa. Or, more simply, it’s about 20 miles southeast of Eldoret, just off the C54 highway and alongside the Mobassa-Kampala railway.

The primary objective of Chepkero AC is to provide an environment in which the whole athlete – body, mind, and spirit – is trained as one. At Chepkero the focus is on “the three E’s” – exercise, education, and encouragement.

A work of this nature depends on people who share this vision of development through sport, and support of any type is welcomed. Want to become a part of this vision? Use the information and links in this section to find out how.

The Personnel of the Chepkero Athletics Club and their designated duties

Chairman : James Lagat – standing left in photo
Mr. Lagat, as chairman, has a number of responsibilities that include representing the club as part of the Kenya Amateur Athletics Association (KAAA), presiding over official club activities, and working at KAAA events as a representative of the club. In addition to his work with the club, Mr. Lagat is a teacher at Berur Primary School.

Coach & Coordinator : Jay Bawcom – centre of photo
Chepkero Athletics Club StaffJay came to Kenya in August of 2000 to work in school development at the Chepkong’ony Christian The Personnel Secondary School, and through this work he became involved with the founding of Chepkero AC. As the Coach/Coordinator, Jay’s responsibilities include developing publicity materials, locating willing sponsors and supporters, securing management for qualified athletes, and coordinating resources with cooperating individuals and organizations. Jay is presently living in Prescott, Arizona where he teaches English and coaches distance running. He plans to return to Kenya in the Fall of 2002 to continue the development of Chepkero AC and Homestretch Ministries.

Secretary : Philip Maiyo – standing right of photo
Mr. Maiyo is the club’s secretary and is responsible for maintaining the club’s athletic and organizational records. Mr. Maiyo also had the privilege of generating all the paperwork necessary to register the club with the Kenya Social Services office. When not handling club business, Mr. Maiyo serves as the headmaster of the Kaptagat Special Children’s School, where he works with young people who face a variety of unique challenges.

Treasurer : Simon Kiptum – kneeling front of photo
Mr. Kiptum has the pleasure of handling the club’s finances. This can be quite a challenge with an organization that tries to serves as many people as possible despite a minimum of outside support. Along with Mr. Maiyo, Mr. Kiptum works as a teacher at the Kaptagat Special Children’s School. We would love for you to consider becoming a sponsor/supporter and give Mr. Kiptum more work!

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