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Guaranteed-Entry Guidelines for New York

New York City Marathon

New York City Marathon


NEW YORK – New rules for guaranteed entry into the ING New York City Marathon, beginning with the 2012 event, have been announced by New York Road Runners officials.

Due to the increasing worldwide popularity of marathon running, in recent years the ING New York City Marathon has experienced a significant increase in applicants for guaranteed entry, reducing the number of non-guaranteed entries. Analysis shows that if this trend continues, within five years New York Road Runners will no longer be able to offer non-guaranteed entry.

“NYRR believes that non-guaranteed entry is an essential element of the democracy of our marathon, and it enhances the diversity of the marathon field,” said NYRR president and CEO Mary Wittenberg.

In order to preserve non-guaranteed entry to the race, NYRR is changing some standards and policies. The following guaranteed-entry methods will change:

Qualifying by cancelling entry: In the past, applicants to the marathon who canceled their entry according to cancellation guidelines were eligible for guaranteed entry to the following year’s race, and could continue to cancel and receive guaranteed entry in subsequent years. The new policy preserves the guaranteed entry following cancellation but prohibits guaranteed entry by this method following a second consecutive cancellation.

Qualifying by being denied entry three consecutive times: In the past, applicants to the marathon have been eligible for guaranteed entry if they have been denied entry three years in a row. This policy will be eliminated; however, applicants denied entry for the three years 2009-11 will be eligible for guaranteed entry in 2012.

Qualifying by finishing 15 previous New York City Marathons: The ING New York City Marathon offers eligibility for guaranteed entry to runners who have finished 15 or more New York City Marathons, including the previous year. NYRR will discontinue this policy, though all runners who have already accumulated 15 or more finishes as of 2015 will be grandfathered in.

Qualifying with a fast marathon or half-marathon time: The ING New York City Marathon has always had time qualifying standards. The time qualifying standards will be tightened to 75-percent age-graded times in five-year increments; for details, go to:

Because the 2012 race-qualifying period is already open, this new policy will take effect beginning with the 2013 race.

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