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2023 courses are now revealed

tallinn marathon

The Tallinn Marathon 2023 courses are now revealed and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to take on a new challenge.

Tallinn Marathon 2023 courses are now revealed

Our event offers four different distances with two World Athletics Elite labels races.

Choose your distance from WA Elite label 42 km, WA Elite label 21 km, RIMI 10 km, or Nike 5 km – everyone can find their perfect fit. Our fast one-lap course will give you incredible views of Tallinn while enjoying the energy from thousands of people running together.

tallinn marathon 42k route

We would love for you to join us and experience the thrill of crossing the finish line in Tallinn! Sign up before the end of June with cheaper entry fees and be part of the largest running event in Estonia!

This is your chance to be part of something special as we wrap the city in our national flag colors in a celebration of Estonia with a blue-black-white dress code. The blue-black-white T-shirt is included in the marathon entry fee and available with a -50% discount for all participants when logging in to our Customer Portal.

Register for Tallinn Marathon 2023

Biggest international running festival in Estonia

The race track of Tallinn Marathon, the biggest international running festival in Estonia, is once again single-lap and has a fast track profile. The starting and finish line of the main distances are at the foot of Tall Hermann (Pikk Hermann), fittingly for the 105th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

The biggest event of the Be Active Year 2023 will take place on 8–10 September.

The competition centre and exhibition area of Tallinn Marathon are located, as is tradition, on Freedom Square. The award ceremony will also be held there.

The prologue of the big event on Friday at 7 p.m. is a five-kilometre Nike Youth Run, which takes participants from Freedom Square to the Tallinn Old Town via Kaarli Boulevard, Toompea Street, Falgi Street, Toompuiestee Boulevard, Rannamäe Street and Pikk Street. The historical streets lead racers to Raekoja Square and via Harju street to the finish line on Freedom Square.

The starting and finish line of the main distances of the most popular national sports event in Estonia is located at the foot of Toompea on Falgi street, overlooking the Tall Hermann (Pikk Hermann) tower where the blue-black-and-white national flat of Estonia is raised every morning at sunrise and lowered at sunset. Fittingly for the 105th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, participants are expected to arrive at the starting line dressed in blue-black-and-white. Running shirts in national colours are available at a discounted price for those registering for Tallinn Marathon and the Autumn Run in the online environment:

Half marathon presented on Saturday 9th September

The Saturday competition programme of the international Tallinn Marathon for top-level long-distance runners and thousands of exercise enthusiasts begins with a half marathon (21.1 km) starting on 9 September at 9 a.m. The half marathon course takes participants to the cycle and pedestrian tracks of Stroomi Beach Park via Paldiski Road, Ristiku Street and Kolde Boulevard. Gateways are used to cross Sõle Street and Paldiski Road where referees and controllers with special training help to ensure the operation of transport during the event. From there, runners head to the wide cycle and pedestrian track of Kõrgepinge Street built on the railway embankment, from there to the cycle and pedestrian tracks of Rocca al Mare via Tuuliku Street and Tuuleveski Street and the tunnel under Paldiski Road. Via Vabaõhumuuseumi Street, runners head along the seaside promenade back to the Stroomi Beach Park area, running the last kilometres on Kolde Boulevard, Ristiku and Kopli streets and Rannamäe Street to Toompuiestee Boulevard, and turning to the finish line on Falgi Street.

On the evening of 9 September at 5 p.m., the ten-kilometre RIMI Tallinna Autumn Run with a large number of participants starts on a course that takes participants via Paldiski Road, Ristiku Street, Kolde Boulevard, Kopli and Tööstuse streets to the attractive Kalamaja district where the coursepasses through the historical industrial district of North Tallinn, the contemporary Noblesser Quarter, loops around the imposing seaplane hangar of the Seaplane Harbour and passes the infamous Patarei Prison. Via Kalasadama, runners reach Põhja Boulevard and come back to Toompuiestee Boulevard via Rannamäe Street, then reaching the finish line at the foot of Toompea.

On Saturday, the whole family should come and check out the event as Limpa children’s runs will take place where both children from the capital and those arriving further away are welcome.

In the morning of 10 September at 9 a.m., the classic 42.195 km marathon starts at the foot of Toompea. Via Paldiski Road, Ristiku and Kopli streets, the course leads to the streets of the early-morning Kalamaja district, takes a short loop around Kalaranna and the industrial quarter of North Tallinn, then heads to the cycle and pedestrian tracks of Stroomi Beach Park via Erika Street and Kolde Boulevard. Sõle Street and Paldiski Road arecrossed through gateways, just like on Saturday. Similar to the half marathon, the Sunday course runs up to the Paldiski Road overpass where marathon participants can run across the overpass next to Lake Harku and then make an eight-kilometre loop in nature along cycle and pedestrian tracks of Astangu. The tunnel under Paldiski Road leads to the cycle and pedestrian tracks of Rocca al Mare, and the end of the marathon course is exactly the same as the half marathon that took place the day before.

In parallel to the usual big event, Tallinn Marathon virtual run will take place from 1 to 30 September in which you can participate in any corner of the world. At Estonia’s largest virtual sports event, youcan participate in the very popular combined marathon or the “marathon combo” which is doable for every runner and exercise enthusiast. There will also be a virtual children’s run.

This year, more than twenty thousand participants, quarter of whom are foreign guests, can once again be expected to Estonia’s biggest running and exercise event.

The Tallinn Autumn Runs that have been organised by the current organising team since 2000 and Tallinn Marathons since 2010 have so far got nearly 300,000 exercise enthusiasts running. The participation record for the most attended international sports event in the history of Estonia was set in the anniversary year of the Republic of Estonia in 2018, when a total of 23,940 runners and exercise enthusiasts from 67 countries took part in the Tallinn Marathon and Autumn Run distances.

You can register for the biggest running event in Estonia at a discount price until 30 June at

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