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Kimetto goes for 25 k

Berlin 25k Run

Berlin 25k Run

At his third international race Kenya’s newcomer Dennis Kimetto has finally been entered with his correct name. Called ,Denis Koech’ before, he had won the Ras Al Khaimah and Berlin half marathon races in February and early April. On Sunday Dennis Kimetto will now run the BIG 25 Berlin. Organisers of BERLIN RUNS expect up to 10,000 athletes competing in various running events. The BIG 25 Berlin is Germany’s oldest major city road race. The event once initiated by the French allied forces in West Berlin will see its 32nd edition. Starting in front of the Olympic Stadium the spectacular finish is right on the blue track inside the arena.

In the men’s race Dennis Kimetto will be the favourite. Organisers of BERLIN RUNS obtained a copy of his passport, which showed that not only his name was wrong but also his age. He is ten years older than initially stated! Born on 22nd April 1984 Dennis Kimetto is 28 and not 18. This also means that he has not broken the world junior record when he improved to 59:14 minutes in the Berlin half marathon a month ago.

But if weather conditions are fine on Sunday Dennis Kimetto might go for a record, which would have no doubts. It was two years ago, when fellow-Kenyan Sammy Kosgei improved the world record to 1:11:50 at the BIG 25 Berlin. It is this mark that might become the target. Most likely from a group of African runners Edwin Kimaiyo (Kenya) will be Dennis Kimetto’s strongest opponent. The Kenyan has also had a very good race on the Berlin roads. In September 2011 he took third in the Berlin Marathon, clocking 2:09:50. It was the race, when Patrick Makau broke the world record.

A Kenyan victory is very likely in the women’s race as well. Here Caroline Chepkwony is the favourite. The 27 year-old had improved her half marathon best to 68:36 minutes a month ago in Berlin, when she was third. On Sunday France’s Christelle Daunay will be among her rivals. Already qualified for the Olympic marathon she has opted not to run another marathon this spring. So the BIG 25 Berlin will be a good opportunity to test her form well ahead of the London race.

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