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Midnight Run Helsinki here again

midnight run helsinki

The very popular Midnight Run Helsinki

It is here again: Midnight Run and 10 kilometers of festive atmosphere! This year’s Midnight Run Helsinki will be the 6th edition of this popular event. It will be held on the 29th of August, 2015. The event has increased in its popularity in the last few years and it has become one of the biggest running events in Finland. Last year’s event had nearly 11,000 participants!

The historic central square of Helsinki, the Senate Square, offers the event a truly festive and atmospheric start and finish area, which is surrounded by numerous historical buildings, as well as the magical Helsinki Cathedral in its evening illumination.

The start takes place in the darkening evening just after 9 o’clock. Praised as very beautiful, the route will take the runners towards the direction of the Observatory Hill (Tähtitornin vuori) and it continues along the fascinating streets and promenades along the coastal line of Helsinki.

Midnight Run RouteMidnight Run Route

Along the route you will witness many side events with different themes. Different activities await you in the streets of Helsinki and encourage you further. Samba rhythms and the music are guaranteed to boost your step as well as further elevate the spirits of the runners and the spectators. Runners in fancy dress costumes will add extra spice to this fun-filled event.

Masquerade Competition

In the Midnight Run, you can also participate in a costume, fancy dress is encouraged. Have some fun with your friends, let your imagination fly and take part in the masquerade competition. The best five will be rewarded! Read more about the rules of competition on the event webpage.

Sea of Colour on the Streets

Midnight Run does not use the traditional number tags but every runner gets their own t-shirt, which acts as their race number. More than 10,000 runners in identical t-shirts make an amazing sight on the streets of Helsinki, which also creates an incredible feeling of solidarity among the runners.

The T-shirt is available in both women and men’s fits, you register your size when you register for the race.
You are obliged to wear you shirt during the event. An exception will be made to the elite, who can run in their sponsored race kit and the masquerade group (everyone of course will get their t-shirt).

The Success Story

The Midnight Run, which will be organised for the 6th time in Helsinki on August 29th 2015, has been a real success story. Midnight Run has its roots with the Midnattsloppet event, which was held in Stockholm for the first time in 1982. The event idea came from a few members of the organizing club, Hammarby Friidrott, who dreamed of a running event in Södermalm district of Stockholm, which would resemble the carnival held in Rio. The idea was to combine sport and culture in a fun way.

Over the past thirty years Midnattsloppet has become a real festival in Södermalm. In 2014 the event saw 40 000 runners, which made it the largest 10 km event held in Europe.

In the last few years, Midnattsloppet has also been arranged in Gothenburg, and since 2010 the event has been organised in Helsinki by the local handball club Dicken, and the event became known as the Midnight Run Helsinki. In 2013, Midnattsloppet was held for the first time in Malmö.

In 2015, an estimated total of over 70 000 runners will participate in one or more of these four events!

The success of the Midnight Run in Helsinki is impressive. The first year in 2010 the event saw approx. 4,500 runners. In 2014, the number of participants was already nearly 11 000! Within these few years Midnight Run Helsinki has become one of the biggest running events in Finland. The feedback from the runners and spectators has been really positive. Midnight Run is clearly distinguishable from other running events, among other things thanks to the late start time and also approx. 500 volunteers who work hard to ensure the organisation of the event is smooth and of top quality. Midnight Run’s goal is to be the most fun and best organised event in Finland.

Join this unique event with more than 10 000 other runners. The international atmosphere with its happy and energetic mood will leave you filled with good spirits and memories.

More information in English: Midnight Run Helsinki

Watch the Midnight Run Helsinki video HERE


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