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The Clare Burren 2013

Burren Scenery

Burren Scenery

The Clare Burren marathon, May, 25th 2013 by Lucas Verbist

With a choice of 3 different distances this organization offers something for all, both runners and walkers. After having seen the course maps we decided to go for the half marathon distance.

Due to other obligations we could only travel on the morning. Getting up at 4 am and after a drive of 240 km on empty roads we arrived well in time at about 8 am. The scenery we were met with did outdo the pictures on their website. Dramatic bare mountains, seaweed filled harbor and a single swan made for a Cromwellian kind of atmosphere. This was in enormous contrast with the locals, who were all fresh and chirpy looking forward to the race.

With near to 1200 participants a large group took off at 9 am and the initial miles were on easy winding country roads. At mile 3 it kicks up and we climb very fast to about 200 meter. The road turned into a path that then became a tractor track over grass and rocks. No more running for us but a steady fast march. At the top the views are spectacular and B tried to trick me into observing the countryside while she sped off on the descent. The next climb was even higher and topped off at 260 meter. What follows can only be described as a ‘drop’. At an angle of 30%, we carefully descend for about a mile.

elevation map

But then the road opens and the finish is only 3 miles away on a gentle downhill slope. B took off and due to Stealth tactics (she had changed the normal orange top for a bright yellow one) she got away from me, again. Try as I might, I did not catch up with her.

Finish times: 2h31m17 seconds. Given the terrain a fabulous time and we both feel great.

Along the route there were several very good aid stations with water, energy drinks and bars. Really excellent and at no time did we have to feel thirsty or out of energy.

T Kierran serving soup

Kierran serving soup

Free soup and bread are available a plenty, dished out by Kierran in Logues’ pub where all athletes share stories. Not long after the marathon runners come in and we met Larry RIGNEY and David BRADY who, in the over 60 category finish in about 4h35m. Larry Rigney tells us so far he has ran 187 marathons. Only 13 to go !!!!!!

Larry and friend

Larry and friend

On the other end of the spectrum there are Jim GALLIVAN and susan CLERKIN who walked the half marathon in 4h21m.

All in all a very nice and well organized race, event. Professional timing by David Wade from with life results on the internet made it possible for people with a smartphone to check their times evens while having a cup of soup or a pint.

My advice? Put this one in your calendar for 2014. You will enjoy it.

contributors Lucas Verbist


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