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The Hall of Fame – point scoring system

The points scoring system may lead to debate, however it is one way of setting standards for Time-to-Run ‘s ‘hall of fame’. By doing this we take away the element of personal favourites. In order to be nominated for the ‘Hall of Fame’ the athlete will need to score a minimum of 100 points as well as win at 2 different city venues to be considered for the ‘Hall of Fame’.

If your favourite does not make the ‘hall of fame’ they may make the ‘greats of the distance’ rankings.

Now, who was the greatest athlete of the marathon distance never to have won a major championship medal and when did the ‘world record’ count as a world record? Do we take into account that Alberto Salazar’s ‘record’ was achieved on a short course and therefore Rob De Castella should have been awarded the record ?

Well, for purposes purely related to this section we are going to award both Salazar and De Castella the points for the world record. And yes, we shall call it a world record and not a world best. We shall also take the world record for women as the fastest time ever run by a women at the distance. For women points for the marathon record will only be scored from 1980 onwards, points will be given for breaking the 2Hr 30min barrier though, which was achieved in 1979.

More emphasis will be placed on winning an Olympic medal as the event is every 4 years and not every 2 years in the case of the World Championship. Who was the male athlete to almost win 3 Olympic marathons ?

Who is the athlete to have suffered asthma, and then went on to become a dominant figure in the marathon?

View the point scoring system below and do feel free to give your opinion.

View the athletes assessed : The Rankings

The Hall of Fame – point scoring system
Olympic Medals 1st 2nd 3rd
Championship Record + 10pnts 30 20 10
World Championship 20 10 05
Championship Record + 10pnts
Big City Win – Boston – London – Chicago – New York 10 record +5
winning 3 times 10pnts – to win 3 years in a row +10
Big City B category   Rotterdam – Berlin – Fukuoka – Osaka/Tokyo 05 record +5
winning 3 times 5pnts – to win 3 years in a row + 5
Winning other marathons = 5 points for sub 2Hr 15min M or 5 points for sub 2Hr 30min W
Winning Commonwealth and European Championship marathons = 10 points + 5 for 2nd
World Record/Best = 20 points
Barrier breakers 1st athletes to run below times = 20 points
modern barriers M  sub
2Hr15 sub 2Hr10 sub 2Hr09 sub 2Hr08 sub 2hr07 sub 2Hr06 sub
modern barriers W sub 2Hr30
sub 2Hr25 sub 2Hr20 sub 2Hr19 sub 2Hr18 sub 2Hr17 sub 2Hr16
Points scored based on times recorded during an athletes career – present and past
Men: sub 2Hr10 = 10 points 2Hr08 = 15 pnts + 5 pnts for every minute below
Women: sub 2Hr25 = 15 points + 5 pnts for every minute below
The reason for the difference in scoring between men and women regarding time, is due to the fact that women have not run the distance for as many years as the men, as well as the feeling that women’s marathon running is going into a period of the “Golden Years” of marathoning.
In order to be placed into the Hall of Fame the athlete will have to score 100 points as well as achieve 4 of the following: 

  • Win 2 Big city marathons – 2 from London – Chicago – New York Boston (+ Fukuoka till 85)
  • Set world record
  • Break Barrier
  • Win an Olympic or World Championship medal
  • Set Championship record at above events
  • Set fastest time of the year or be ranked as marathoner of the year by IAAF
  • Hold world record for 5 years
  • Win 5 major city marathons

NB ! An athlete must win at 2 different courses/venues to be considered for the ‘Hall of Fame’

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