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New York City Marathon 2004 Report

The New York City Marathon 2004, boots off with Paula Radcliffe looking to dispel her demons of Athens. This could either make or break Paula’.

As it happened:

18min: into the race and it is Radcliffe to the fore. Followed by all the ‘elite’ women in the race.

The elite men prepare to start and they off

The Women have been running for 37mins now with Radcliffe still at the front and the others happy to track. image of names at 6 miles

Men 30mins: Meb is up with the leaders and it seems as though Kennedy has take a more conservative approach. This course comes back at you over the last 6 miles.

40minutes into the race and Radcliffe has been doing all the work, however there is a steely determination of the women surrounding her, waiting for an opportune moment to seize the initiative.


The men at 2 miles

48mins: The intensity in the Women’s race is palable, with viewers waiting for something to happen, will Radcliffe flounder or will she regain her status as the best? Radcliffe runs slightly apart from the group and her head starts the noticeable bob for the first time. Kastor has dropped off the rear.

Australia’s debutant, Benita Johnson, dropped off the lead pack fairly early and may make a late charge.

25minutes into the Men’s race and the lead pack is enormous






Benoit goes down in the crowded pack and he seems to have taken quite a knock, however he is up as quickly as he went down and rejoins the lead group




Yep, socks are in, with both Meb and Radcliffe sporting them.

W-64mins: from the image it can be seen the space Radcliffe gives herself from the group

M-38mins: Abdi is still within the lead pack which continues to spli and regroup

W-71mins: Radcliffe – Kiplagat and Laroupe are running ‘abreast’ and as things atnd now, this looks as though the winner will come from this group. Kiplagat is aggressive and continues to keep the tempo high, with Radcliffe matching the spirit.

W-75mins: Okoyo can be seen in the rear, there are 4 athletes together with last year’s winner lurking 100m off the back of the lead group. Still early days.

M-45mins: a Benoit surge .. The 2 Americans are still within the pace.

W-14m: The women are not slouching at the fron and quite amazingly those in the rear are still inconetnetion if anyone was to falter.

M-50mins: It seems the person to suffer the most from the Benoit-surge was the athlete himself, as he slides off the rear of the lead pack.

W-1:27: 4 to go, as they enter 4th Avenue in Manhatten

W-1:31: Laroupe off the back and no longer a threat, with Kiplagat keeping the tempo up. Looking across at Radcliffe to see her ‘foe’ s response. 3 to go

M-64mins: onto the Bridge and the pack is still large but not bunched.

W-18m: Radcliffe with her normal bob and Kiplagat with her ‘normal’ bounce, however the ‘unknown’ Chepkemei is looking daunting

M-14m: The American, Abdi, is off the pack.

W-1:45: Out of the 3 at the front, Radcliffe looks the worse for wear. The 2 trackers, are relaxed in manner, while radcliffe is breathing and showing the strain of the race. This is where Radcliffe would normally kick in and work harder, the test now begins.

W-Willis Eve Bridge: Chepkemei goes to the front for the first time in the race and Radcliffe is first to respond. This is not a race for the favoured 2 only.

M-78mins: It seems as though Abdi may have pulled himself back into the lead pack and the Americans are prominant as the pace begins to flounder slightly.

In both the Men’s and Women’s races there are surges. Chepkemei throws in the surge and Radcliffe responds and in the process they drop Kiplagat. In the Men’s it is vicious and may be a slight attack.

Women: there is a real fight between the women and whoever takes the lead now will apply a psychological advantage, however temporary. They run side by side with neither giving the other the lead.

W-1Hr57: Chepkemei has seized the advantage and it is now the stern test of Radcliffe. All the doubts can come to the surface, this is the moment of truth.

Men: Meb leading the fightback to the front 3. With Ramaala and Cherigat in front.

Women Battle Royale: there is a real fight upfront, with Radcliffe applying the pressure and Chepkemei responding, for the first time, the kenyan shows the pressure of the race and now it will be seen if the Heart of the African Lion dwells within. The pain of the race is coming when champions are decided.

W-24m: They are still together, the last part of this race is tough and on a downhill, Chepkenei is testing Radcliffe. This is the point where every break is decisive.

Men Frontrunners: Meb joins the frontrunners.

Women final: Radcliffe is working as hard as she can and the Kenyan is visibly gritting her teeth, this is a fight of majestic proportions.
Radcliffe attacks, but Chepkenei is still there..

Radcliffe wins what has been an incredible battle, the most incredible battle

Back to the Men: 3 men at the front.

The South African, Ramaala, has not shown his true potential over the marathon and thus goes into the final stretch as the less fancied of the 3. Meb, has come off a bronze medal at Athens and will no doubt still be buoyant. Cherigat carries the most experience of the 3. But, just as we say that, the South African is the first to attack. With the gap far larger than the image given.

M-2Hr06: With less than 2 miles to go and Ramaala has escaped his pursuers, if he can maintain pace he should take the title and become the 2nd South African since Willie Mtolo in 1992, to conquer New York. Meb has moved into 2nd and attempts to close the gap.

Ramaala wins with chaos at the finish, sending Meb to different finishes.

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