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Tallinn Marathon 2020 Cancelled

Tallinn Marathon 2020 Cancelled – Running and sports enthusiasts will be able to keep traditions of Estonia’s most popular running event going and support its sustainability by taking part in the virtual run of the Tallinn Marathon between 1 September and 30 September, which includes a combined marathon that can be completed by anyone.

Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus, organisers of big events have found themselves in a difficult position. In most countries extensive restrictions and bans with respect to organisation of public and large-scale international events have been introduced in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. International marathons and many other sports events are also viewed as a source of danger.

This lead to cancellation of a whole number of running events with rich traditions that were planned for this autumn, such as New York, London, Boston, Berlin, Frankfurt, Prague and Stockholm marathons. As an alternative, virtual solutions and a possibility to participate in the event next year are offered.

“As a responsible organiser, we understand that a big event that brings together thousands of guests from abroad can pose direct danger in Estonia as well,” admits the head organiser of the Tallinn Marathon Mati Lilliallik.

“We would require at least 2-3 months to prepare an event of such scale, including assurance of sufficient technical support, provision of high-level services to participants and assurance of overall safety of the event. If today it was one hundred percent clear that we would be allowed to organise such a big event without any restrictions in September, we would still manage to prepare for a full-scale international running event with thousands of participants. Unfortunately, due to the continuing danger of the virus, as well as travel restrictions and quarantine requirements existing in different countries, such forecast does not seem to be reasonable in any way. Therefore, organisation of the event in its usual form is not a responsible approach towards thousands of participants, members of the organisational team and health of Estonian residents. Due to this situation, together with Tallinn’s authorities, organisational team and supporters, we have made a thoroughly thought-through decision to organise this year’s Tallinn Marathon as a virtual run,” said the head organiser of Estonia’s biggest running event.

All running and sports enthusiasts who have already registered for this year’s big event can move their participation to the year 2021, or they can take part in the first-ever virtual marathon of the Tallinn Marathon, this way helping to ensure sustainability of organisation of Estonia’s biggest sports event in the following years as well.

Participants of the first virtual run of the Tallinn Marathon that takes place from 1 September to 30 September can choose the track and the distance for themselves. The programme includes five- and ten-kilometre distances of Sügisjooks, a half-marathon (21.1 km) and a classic marathon (42.2 km).The goal is to organise Estonia’s biggest virtual sports event ever, with at least ten thousand participants from Estonia and abroad.

The virtual run of the Tallinn Marathon will include a combined marathon which can be completed by any running and sports enthusiast. The full marathon distance will have to be completed during September by running or walking. The participant will be able to complete it in parts until he or she reaches the total required number of kilometres. The length of the shortest single part of the distance must be one tenth of the entire length of the marathon, i.e. 4.2 kilometres. Participants who will complete the combined marathon will receive the same beautiful medal and participant’s shirt as those who will complete the classic marathon distance. The organisers are confident that the combined marathon will be this autumn’s most popular virtual distance of the Tallinn Marathon.

The Tallinn Marathon invites as participants for whom the event has already become a tradition, so those who are just planning to start. There will be a suitable running and walking distance for everybody. The virtual run can be completed without a simultaneous gathering of a large number of people. Upon registration everybody can complete his or her distance according to the established rules using the route and time of own choice during September. After completion of the distance the participant must confirm it and upload a confirmation of his or her run to the virtual environment of the organisers. All participants of the virtual run will receive an electronic diploma through electronic channels and a unique medal corresponding to the completed distance. As usual, plenty of valuable participation bonuses and raffle prizes from numerous partners are already waiting for participants.

Sport Event Team (Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi) has been organising annual Tallinn Sügisjooks runs since 2000 and regular Tallinn Marathons since 2010, and a quarter of a million people have already taken part in them. The year 2018, during which the Republic of Estonia was celebrating its anniversary, saw the record number of participants of an Estonian sports event of all time, when a total number of 23 940 runners and sports enthusiasts from 67 countries took part in the distances of the Tallinn Marathon and Sügisjooks.

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