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Week 5 – 8 Level 1

Tallinn Half Marathon 2023 Training Programs Week 5 – 8 of Time-to-Run’s Level 1 Half Marathon program

Date Day #Level 1 – Weeks 5 to 8 towards Tallinn HalfComments
Sun 29R
Mon 30R
Tue 315 min PW 25 min jog then 5 min PW
Wed 32 R
Thu 335 min PW 25 min jog then 10 min PW
Fri 34R
Sat 355 min PW 25 min jog then 10 min PW
Sun 36R
Mon 3750 min . 40 min PW then 10 min jog
Tue 38R
Wed 39R
Thu 4020 min jog
Fri 41R
Sat 435k either Park Run or on own
Sun 44R or active recovery
Mon 451hr PW – paced walk
Tue 46R
Wed 4730 min light jog
Thu 481hr PW – paced walk
Fri 49R
Sat 5060 min jog
Sun 51R
Mon 5210 min PW then 40 min jog then 10 min PW
Tue 5320 – 30 min easy
Wed 54R
Thu 555k @ pace I min slower
Fri 56R
Sat 5775 min jog

The Program: It is 2 weeks before you run your first 5km event, so you will need to start preparing your mind for the event on July 29th, 2023.

Reminder of the various levels of training below

PW = Paced Walk – Paced walking is best described by reaching a maximum speed without lifting both feet off the ground at one time. One foot should always be on the ground. If you lift both feet that is running and that is not the aim. Get into a nice smooth rhythm, swinging your arms, bent at a 45 degree angle, so that your hand comes to chin level in front of you. Swing the other arm, 45 degree angle, backwards so that the elbow is in unison with the hand in front of you. The intensity of the walk will be determined by your arms and not your legs, so swing your arms to the speed you would like your legs to move.  

 Rest – is no exercise – do note, that as you develop, you can consider doing strength exercises for the upper body and doing stretching to assist you recovery
Jog – both feet lifting off the ground, there is no need to consider pace on these days, the intent is to develop time-on-feet while jogging

You can print the program out and fill in your own comments and then as you develop you can ask further questions on the forum provided

Tallinn Half Marathon Training Forum

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