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Time-to-Run is proud to introduce the H of the A to C of marathons, bringing you the marathon events from around the world. From Helsinki in Finland to Honolulu in Hawaii, we provide you with the information that will make your world of marathon running a more exciting and interesting experience. . Getting to run all of these marathons is a dream, running one of these events can and will add to your life's experiences.

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  The Helsinki Marathon incorporates the beautiful capital city of Finland, lately known as the 'Silicone Valley on Ice' due to the country's development in telecommunications.  The event is a well organized show case of Helsinki and provides competitors an ideal opportunity to run over the course on which Rob De Castella, Australia, won the inaugural marathon of the 1st World Track Championships in 1983.

There are 19 refreshment stations along the course as well as the accompanying music, which has become a pleasant part of so many events worldwide.

All runners, who do finish the Marathon in 6 hours, will be awarded a medal, T-shirt, and later a race result magazine with diploma.

Good food and drink service is available at the finish. Showers, sauna and swimming are available at the Swimming Stadium, next to the Olympic Stadium.

Course records
Male Martin Fiz Spain 1993 2Hr 12min 47sec
Female Albina Galimova Russia 1991 2Hr 36min 14sec
Date: August Country: Finland  

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The Honolulu Marathon, this event can certainly be billed as one of the mostbeautiful in the world. From the spectacular start to the finish this event has views that are awe inspiring. 

More than 300,000 runners have completed the Honolulu Marathon since its inception in 1973. This event is held over a spectacularly beautiful course which takes in the views of the city as well as running along the world famous Waikiki Beach incorporating views of the Koko Head volcano crater. 

The finishing figure (of 26,465 original entries) made Honolulu the sixth largest marathonin the world for the year 2000. It is an event for the seasoned campaigner as well as the recreational runner, it is an event well worth experiencing and should be on every runner's must 'do' list.

Course records
Male Ibrahim Hussein Kenya 1986 2Hr 11min 43sec
Female Lyubov Morgunova Russia 2000 >2Hr 28min 33sec
Date: December Country: Hawaii Race Director Jon Cross

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The Hans Christian Andersen event is a new event on the international calendar, with the first marathon taking place in October 2000. However, they have slotted straight into the routine of providing an event that will rival the big city marathons. The route is free of traffic for a period of 5 hours and you are able to run through the streets of Odense. Making this the hallmark of a genuine city marathon.

The course is flat and is not designed to trouble the participants. The event has an event expo and is developing the entertainment for the whole family, offering a sub 5km run for the youngsters.

The event is held in the third largest city of Denmark. Odense is situated in the middle of Denmark, on the island Funen. Hans Christian Andersen, the famous fairy tale poet, was born in Odense and this is why the race is named as such.

Course records
Male Daniel Cheribo Kenya 2000 2.14.17
Female Gitte Karlshøj Denmark 2001 2.32.17
Date: October Country: Denmark Race Director:Torben Simonsen

H.C. Andersen marathon
Torben Simonsen
tlf. 0045 63 12 73 12
fax 0045 65 90 74 25
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