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Deep Transverse Friction Massage

Deep Transverse Friction Massage The transverse, or Cyriax, method of deep friction massage is increasingly being used in sports medicine. It is a specific technique for treating muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint capsules....

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Running Information

The 5 most common running injuries The five most common running injuries: Achilles tendonitis - chondromalacia (runner's knee) - iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome - plantar fasciitis and shin splints We tell you what they are and how to deal with them - everything from whether or not to run through them, to when it is time to see a doctor. Women's Running The run-down on sports bras - menstrual cycle - Women's periods - 'buying your first pair of running shoes' Priding ourselves on striving to become 'The World's Best On-line Running Information Site' Running Tips - Running Injuries - Running Training Information - Running Nutrition - Running Calendar - Running Doctor - Marathon News - Women Running Information - Running Information's outdoor sports supplies