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  Training feedback
Posted by: jbd - 22-06-2019, 04:45 PM - Forum: 10K Training Feedback - Replies (3)

Hi coach, and thanks for accepting me to the forums!

I'm 31 years old, 189 cm tall and weigh 83 kilograms. I've just started my second cycle of the 10K program. I've been running about two times per year for the last decade or so. Until my bike broke last year I commuted with bike daily, a short distance of 3 km but just over 100 meters climb so still some exercise. I did CrossFit training regularly for a year about 3 years ago and have been doing it sporadically since (on average less than once per month). I've also been doing some sporadic weight lifting with usually 10-20 minutes of rowing as warmup. I spend some time mountain climbing and that usually includes hiking in hilly terrain and 1-2 weeks of downhill/off-piste skiing during winters.

This spring I was signed up for a 11,4 km leg in a relay race, so I started to do some running, then started reading more about training and came in contact with your program just in time to start 3 weeks before the race.

Before starting the program I did 7 runs earlier this year, last run before that was probably last summer:
March 30th: 6,01 km, 27:16, average HR 176
April 3rd: 5,84 km, 29:30, average HR 170 (uphill, elevation gain 129 meters)
May 11th: 10,02 km, 46:29, average HR 177
May 14th: 6,02 km, 25:50, average HR 180 (same route as March 30th)
May 17th: 15.01 km, 1:15:48, average HR 165 (longest distance I've ever ran before this was around 11 km)
May 19th: 5,02 km, 21:57, average HR 176
May 22nd: 10,03 km, 47:14, average HR 176

It is obvious from both your program and what I have read elsewhere that my prior strategy of just "going for it" whatever the distance is not the best way to train. I had a high average HR for all of my runs except the 15 km run in which I tried to stay in Z3.

I am using a Garmin with a chest heart rate strap to track my workouts. I use heart rate zones based on lactate threshold that has been automatically calculated by my watch, but seems to be the same as using Joe Friels method. My RHR is 45, my max HR is 193 and my estimated LTHR is 17. These are the zones I use based on LTHR:
Z1: -139
Z2: 140-155
Z3: 156-165
Z4: 166-174
Z5: 175-
Starting the program I've kept my easy runs in Z2 everything from 30 to 90 minutes. I've tried to run intervals on flat to mildly undulated tracks and my longer runs on varied terrain.

First 3 week cycle:
Warmup and cooldown included in total distance and time. I can add more info if needed.

Day 1 - 60 minutes easy:
Distance: 10,34 km
Average pace: 5,48 min/km
Elevation gain: 176 m
Average HR: 158

Felt easy but heart rate was a bit high due to hot air temperature and I also did a few strides.

Day 2 - 30 minutes easy:
Distance: 5,90 km
Average pace: 5:05 min/km
Elevation gain: 0 m
Average HR: 158

Ran barefoot on the beach. Felt good but my instinct was to increase tempo so I had to try hard to stay in the "talk zone". Did a few strides. Still a bit too fast.

Day 3 - rest day

I was unable to fit a session into this day so I pushed the 2K session to the next day, planning to have another rest day after the 2K session and omitting day 7.

Day 4 - 2K intervals:
Time: 32:40 min
Distance: 6,99 km
Average pace: 4:40/km
Elevation gain: 23 m
Average HR: 170

  1. 8:07
  2. 4:16
  3. 4:13
I tried to go for 3:55/km since I started with the sub-40 program. This was too hard, I wasn't at all recovered after the first rest so I decided to abort the session and divide the run back into two 1 km intervals.

Day 5 - rest day

Day 6 - 90 minutes easy:
Distance: 16:53 km
Average pace: 5:26 min/km
Elevation gain: 181 m
Average HR: 152

Slow easy run, heart rate dipped into Z3 on some uphill segments. Felt absolutely fantastic. I never ran this long or this far before. Legs felt good, pace felt good, did not feel especially tired when finished.

Day 7 - rest day
Long day at work and was unable to fit in a run. Took the bike home from work for 26 minutes of easy work with average HR of 130. To work was about 15 minutes and probably a bit higher HR but not tracked.

Day 8 - 1K intervals:
Time: 43:27 min
Distance: 9,11 km
Average pace: 4:46 min/km
Elevation gain: 41 m
Average HR: 169
Laps (time average HR/max HR):
  1. 3:57 165/174
  2. 3:57 173/181
  3. 4:01 176/183
  4. 4:09 178/186
  5. 4:11 182/186
  6. 4:14 180/188
Failing with the 2K intervals at target pace I choose to have a target of 4:00-4:10 min/km for this run. Started too fast and was unable to stay in time for the wast 2 intervals. For my next attempt I will try to focus on going slower the first intervals and trying to increase towards the end.

Day 9 - 30 minutes easy:
Distance: 6,19 km
Average pace: 4:51 min/km
Elevation gain: 33 m
Average HR: 150

Day 10 - 60 minutes easy:
Distance: 12,10 km
Average pace: 4:58 min/km
Elevation gain: 105 m
Average HR: 153

Day 11 - rest day

Day 12 - 5K time trial:
Time: 30:01 min
Distance: 6.16 km
Average pace: 4:52 min/km
Elevation gain: 26 m
Average HR: 160
Laps (time average HR/max HR):
  1. 4:06 160/170
  2. 4:09 171/174
  3. 4:15 174/179
  4. 4:18 177/181
  5. 4:15 179/184
5K total time: 21:03
Average pace: 4:13 min/km

Fastest 5K recorded, felt hard in the middle but when finished I felt I probably could have gone a bit faster. Went for a 30 km bike ride not too long after with a friend. Probably not the best from a recovery perspective. Total time for the bike ride was 1:11:53 with average HR of 130.

Day 13 - 60 minutes easy:
Distance: 11,72 km
Average pace: 5:07/km
Elevation gain: 116 m
Average HR: 155

Day 14 - 30 minutes easy:
Time: 34:20 min
Distance: 7,20 km
Average pace: 4:46/km
Elevation gain: 71 m
Average HR: 153

Day 15 - 400M intervals:
Time: 28:34 min
Distance: 6,02 km
Average pace: 4:45 min/km
Elevation gain: 23 m
Average HR: 157
  1. 1:25 152/156
  2. 1:33 157/163
  3. 1:34 162/170
  4. 1:22 163/173
  5. 1:31 163/175
  6. 1:30 164/175
  7. 1:29 167/178
  8. 1:31 169/181
  9. 1:30 169/179
  10. 1:30 172/183
Much easier than the 2K and 1K intervals. Target pace was 3:50-4:00 but everything felt good keeping the pace faster. Really helps knowing a rest is near!

Day 16 - 40 minutes easy:
Distance: 8,20 km
Average pace: 4:53 min/km
Elevation gain: 108 m
Average HR: 153

Day 17 - fartlek:
Time: 30:00 min
Distance: 6,50 km
Average pace: 4:37 min/km
Elevation gain: 138 m
Average HR: 156
Laps (pace):
  1. 4:22
  2. 3:43
  3. 3:44
  4. 4:03
  5. 4:13
  6. 4:04
Ran a new route that was more hilly than anticipated. Fun run.

Day 18 - 40 minutes easy:
Distance: 8,69 km
Average pace: 4:36 min/km
Elevation gain: 79 m
Average HR: 153

Day 20 - race day:
Time: 51:46 min
Distance: 11,33 km
Average pace: 4:34 min/km
Elevation gain: 198 m
Average HR: 171

Hilly and partly on trails. Felt hard. I think I slowed down to much on the recoveries after climbs and probably could have done better. Still happy with the result given the hard course.

Day 21 - 60 minutes easy:
Distance: 11.65 km
Average pace: 5:09 min/km
Elevation gain: 56
Average HR: 149

Day 22 - 30 minutes easy:
Time: 31:07 min
Distance: 4:73 km
Elevation gain: 70 m
Average HR: 141

Thought the planned route would be gravel but was steep trails and I got caught in heavy vegetation having to do a steep climb ending up in someones backyard. Thus not very reliable data.

Going forward:
I'm now into the first week of the second cycle. My targets are 4:05-4:15 min/km for the 2K intervals, subtracting 10 second for the 1K intervals and another 10 seconds for the 400M intervals.

My main goal at the moment is just enjoying running but I also have some races and time/pace goals. My next race is a 30 km race on easy trails in the end of September, but I might sign up for something before that. I was thinking of increasing the long run to 2 hours starting next cycle for 2 cycles and maybe 2,5 hours after that to cope with the longer distance. I also plan on running a half marathon next spring. I would like to get my 10K down to 35, the half under 1:30 and the 30K under 2:15. Goals are lower for longer races since they have a deadline. 2:15 for the 30K in September might be hard but 1:30 for the half next spring feels achievable. Would you agree?

I will also do some climbing which I think complements running quite well since it includes a lot of core and upper body work as well as lower body flexibility. I will also start doing some biking, at this point I barely get into Z2 before my legs give out so it do not think it will be a problem cardiovascularly. I do however get more tired in my legs biking, especially thighs and glutes. With running I almost only feel soreness and fatigue in my calves so I do not think the biking at this point will interfere too much with my running. What do you think?

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  Tallinn Half Marathon programs
Posted by: timeadmin - 01-06-2019, 10:00 AM - Forum: Tallinn Half Marathon - No Replies

Herewith Tallinn Half Marathon training program feedback  forum

see the programs: 

Listed below are the various levels 1 to 4

Level 1 - Tallinn Half Marathon program

Level 2 - Tallinn Half Marathon program

Level 2 - Tallinn Half Marathon program

Level 4 - Tallinn Half Marathon program

You can post as a GUEST only in this forum, for the rest of the forums you need to register
please note: we need to moderate guest posts before they show, due to spam activities

Click on post new thread and post your questions and they will be replied to accordingly .. this can be done as a guest however there will be a delay as the post will need to be approved

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  Sub 50 min 10k at altitude
Posted by: MarkCo - 20-03-2019, 12:35 AM - Forum: 10K Training Feedback - Replies (87)

Hi TheEd, All,

I've been running for around 20 years on and off. Recently I've got more time to commit to running and have decided to take a more structured approach to training and reach for a long-standing ambition to run 10k in under 40 mins. I'm currently a fair way off that (and my previous fitness levels!) though, so my current goal is to run a 10k in under 50 mins, and reassess from there.

A slight complication is that in October last year I moved to South America and now live at approx. 2,600m above sea level. I have found that it makes a huge difference in running performance. I am now more acclimatised but the more intensive runs such as intervals are still extremely tough on the lungs, even though the legs are willing! Apparently each breath takes in 25% less oxygen at this altitude which explains that. I expect to move back to sea level or thereabouts in around 3-4 months from now, so hopefully will be able to reach my ultimate goal later this year, or next depending on progress.

I have started the sub-50 min programme and will post details so far separately after this. Before then, a bit more background about me and my running history:

Age: just turned 40
Weight: 68kg
Height: 178cm

Previous PBs:
10k 45:06 (2012)
1/2 marathon 1:34:40 (2005)
marathon 3hrs 47mins (2013)

Kms run in recent months:
March so far 78km
Feb 67km
Jan 78km

Progress on sub-50m plan coming after this!

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  Napa Valley Marathon 2019 Wrap-up
Posted by: Newsroom - 07-03-2019, 07:35 AM - Forum: US News Feed - No Replies

NAPA, Calif.—March 3, 2019 — Approximately 4,000 eager competitors lined up at the start of the 41st annual Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon (NVM) and inaugural Half Marathon under mild temperatures in the upper 40s that rose into the 50s mid race. In the traditional 26.2-mile full marathon race that traverses the length of the [...]

more USA Marathon news ...

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  5km Training - Want to be XC Ready by October
Posted by: dmw9255 - 05-03-2019, 11:24 AM - Forum: 5km Training - Replies (23)

Hi The Ed,

I have been off the forums for a very long time, and been planning on getting back for a very long long time, but due to injury after injury for the last 5 years have continually put my training on hold.....

I have been running / jogging steadily since June last year. I am currently doing the following on a weekly basis when life does not get in the way:

Monday - Very easy 25-35 min indoor cycle on my wattbike.
Tuesday - Easy morning 30 min (3-4 mile) jog with the dogs. Strength in the evening.
Wednesday - Easy morning 30 min jog with the dogs. Evening very easy cycle on the wattbike.
Thursday - Some sort of speed / efforts session, very easy recovery on wattbike afterwards.
Friday - Strength session followed by a very easy cycle on the wattbike.
Saturday - Easy morning 30 min Jog with the dogs.
Sunday - 10km easy jog (my version of a long run).

I believe I have suffered in the past due to weaknesses and too many effort / hard runs. I seem to have found a really good balance at the moment, but would like to work on my 5km pace over the spring summer here in the UK.

I have read through some of the 5km posts, and think the 3 day training sessions would be suitable. I can then switch my strength training to fit in around the schedule.

What do you think?

Best Regards.


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  Molla, Chepngetich take Dubai Marathon 2019 titles
Posted by: Newsroom - 25-01-2019, 01:28 PM - Forum: News Feed - No Replies

Dubai, 25 January 2019 – In another record-shattering day at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, Ruth Chepngetich of Kenya became the third fastest woman in marathon history when she clocked 2.17.08, taking over two minutes off the 12 month old course record, and a minute off her own personal best, while more than hinting that, [...]

more Marathon News ...

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  Lagat, Alemu take Mumbia 2019 titles
Posted by: Newsroom - 23-01-2019, 05:01 PM - Forum: News Feed - No Replies

Mumbai, India – 20 January 2019: Kenya’s Cosmas Lagat and Ethiopia’s Worknesh Alemu surprised the pundits and produced outstanding performances in hot conditions to triumph at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019, winning in 2:09:15 and 2:25.45 respectively. Â*Cosmas Lagat and Worknesh Alemu takeÂ* Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019 titles Both marks were the second fastest winning [...]

more Marathon News ...

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  Working towards my first sub 45 10K
Posted by: johanbakx - 19-01-2019, 07:41 PM - Forum: 10K Training Feedback - Replies (68)

Hello TheEd,

I have been training very consistently the past 10 months. This has resulted in PB’s of 45:43 for the 10k and 1:50:20 for 21k. Pleased with that, but I know I can go faster and I am very determined to go below 45m and 1:45h this year! I have basically been making my own schedules and now decided to start following a schedule from this site to get to the next level.

First up the 10k. My next race is March 31st. I started the sub 45 schedule some 10 days ago. Today I completed day 10 (easy 1 hr) and completed it in 72 min at a pace of 5:21. Felt very controlled. The schedule now gives me a resting day, and then the 5k paced run. However, tomorrow being Sunday, I would like to skip the resting day and do the paced run. Will the skipping of the rest day affect my performance of the paced run? I did have 2 rest days before today!

Chances are you will not be able to reply before tomorrow, so I’ll go ahead with my paced run. Still looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks, Johan

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  Sub 45 Min 10k Goal - Advice much appreciated
Posted by: TigerSmith - 07-11-2018, 11:18 AM - Forum: 10K Training Feedback - Replies (9)


I'm 45 years old, 6ft and weigh around 76kg.

I've been running on and off for seven years.

My best times so far are:

5k 23:10 (in September 2018)
10k 48:44 (in 2013)
Half Marathon 1:54 (last Sunday 4th Nov 2018)

I typically run 3 or 4 times a week, maybe a 5,5,10k and then a long run on Sunday, but don't stick to any particular approach. For the HM training I upped the easy long run by 1km a week to 20km over 12 weeks.

I don't currently cross train and do very little 'speed' work, but do walk a lot.

I have right-side 'runners knee' and have seen a physio (in August) who gave me some exercises to do which have definitely helped but occasionally the pain returns.

This site seems different to others, with a different approach to training which interests me.

During the HM last Sunday at 7k I experienced a sharp pain in my outer left calf. The pain subsided and I was able to finish the race. I went for a fairly quick 5k this morning and there was no pain anywhere.

There is a local parkrun on Saturdays, I've only been once, years ago. I've entered the Adidas Fulham 10k on 18th Nov.

Any guidance on getting my 10k time down generally would be much appreciated!

I should add that running 10k at 4:30 pace seems a long way off...

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  Ethiopia wins Frankfurt Marathon 2018 titles
Posted by: Newsroom - 29-10-2018, 09:40 AM - Forum: News Feed - No Replies

Germany – Ethiopia’s Kelkile Gezahegn and compatriot Meskerem Assefa captured the the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2018 titles in dramatic fashion. Kelkile Gezahegn triumphs, Meskerem Assefa breaks women’s Course Record in windy Frankfurt Runner-up last year, this time the number one: the Ethiopian Kelkile Gezahegn won the 37th edition of the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon in cool [...]

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