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Week 9 – 12 Level 2

Tallinn Half Marathon 2023 Training Programs Week 9 – 12 of Time-to-Run’s Level 2 Half Marathon program

Date Day #Level 2 – Weeks 9 to 12 towards Tallinn HalfComments
Sun 581hr easy recovery jog
Mon 59R
Tue 6030 – 40 min easy
Wed 61R
Thu 6220 min last 5 min pace
Fri 63R
Sat 6410 K race
Sun 65R
Mon 661hr easy jog
Tue 67R
Wed 681hr last 15 min @ 21 K pace
Thu 6920 – 30 min easy
Fri 70R
Sat 71Long run 18 K
Sun 72R
Mon 73Active recovery
Tue 741hr easy
Wed 75R
Thu 7610k with last 5k @ 21 K pace
Fri 77R
Sat 788-10 K @ 21 K pace
Sun 79R
Mon 8030 min easy
Tue 8130 min with 15 @ pace
Wed 82R
Thu 8320 min last 5 minutes quicker
Fri 84R
Sat 85
Race Day

The Program: You into the last 4 weeks of the program, may you have a great event at the Tallinn Half Marathon on the 9th September 2023. Contact me on the forums if you would like to ask more personalised questions.

Remember easy running is normally at a pace where you can talk

Rest – is no exercise – do note, that as you develop, you can consider doing strength exercises for the upper body and doing stretching to assist you recovery

Active Recovery  –   This is aimed at doing a non weight-bearing form of exercise as a form of recovery. If you are an experienced cyclist we can discuss you using cycling as a form of recovery. However, cycling can often have a reverse effect on the runner if everything is not in order with regards to saddle height etc. You need to recover during active recovery, so this is why swimming is often the better alternative.

You can print the program out and fill in your own comments and then as you develop you can ask further questions on the forum provided

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