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Taihu XTERRA 2021 a success

More than 1,500 trail runners gathered together for the second XTERRA Taihu 5K, 10K, 30K, and 50K trail runs at the Taihu National Tourism Vacation Zone in Suzhou, China on May 16th, 2021.

Runners and families enjoy Taihu XTERRA 2021

The organizer set up 4 distances aiming to welcome runners from all different levels to enjoy the fun and authentic experience during trail running. We saw many kids challenging the 5km route and crossing the finish line along their families.

The event took place in Suzhou, with routes through Yuyang Mountain and Guangfu scenic spots, surrounding the famous Taihu Lake, which is the third-largest freshwater lake in China. Many runners told us that this is an amazing experience, running in the nature with a view of stunning landscape, despite the humid weather in spring. The 50km race boasts more than 2,100-meters of elevation gain and will award two International Trail Running Association (ITRA) points, the 30km distance will award one ITRA point.

Jiajia Li from China captured his second XTERRA Taihu Trailrun 50K win with times of 4:54:27 and Claire Cussonneau from France won the 50km female champion in 7:00:31. Qinglin Zhao and Xiaojuan Jiang won the 30K race in 3:24:06 and 3:38:22, respectively.


The races are part of a green weekend to celebrate and honor the XTERRA China running community, building upon a successful twelve-month X-plogging sustainability initiative launched last June.

In addition, XTERRA China team is also hosting additional sustainability initiatives including X-plogging events around the Taihu National Tourism Vacation Zone on race day, planting one tree on behalf of each athlete through the Green Foundation, providing reusable cups, using recycled materials for the race bag and race t-shirt, awarding wooden medals, and eliminating plastic cutlery and plates.

Also, groups of friends, family, couples participated in the outdoor festival starting on May 15th Saturday with a kid’s triathlon, a fitness exercise competition, a music festival, and camping. This weekend is for everyone and this is more than a race.

To allow more outdoor sports enthusiasts to experience the beauty of the four seasons around Taihu Lake, XTERRA will organize a series of four-season trail run challenges around Taihu Lake. Next, summer trail night run in Wuxi is ready for the runners!

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