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Canadian Ultra Runners names 2011 Team

National Team for 2011.

Jackie Muir

Jackie Muir

The Association of Canadian Ultra Runners has named the National Team for 2011 that will represent Canada at the World 50 Mile Trail Championships, to be held in Connemara National Park on the west coast of Ireland on July 9th, 2011.

This impressive team is comprised of six men and six women who will represent Canada from coast to coast in the Canadian Delegation of Ireland:

Men’s Team                                                           Women’s Team:

Ryne Melchner                    B.C.                            –     Denise McHale                  YT

Jason Loutitt                      B.C.                             –     Jude Ultra                          B.C.

Glen Redpath                    NY                                –     Jackie Muir                        B.C.

Adam Hill                            ON                              –     Laurie McGrath                  ON

Tim Wiens                            B.C.                            –     Tracy Gameau                   B.C.

Andy Nicol                         B.C.                            –     Lisa Leskien                        ON

This is the first National Team nomination for Jackie Muir, who is a physiotherapist in Vancouver B.C., and a member of the Kintec/HOKA Race Team.

With over twelve years of running experience, Jackie first discovered her love for the sport in the simplicity of putting on a pair of shoes and going where her feet would take her. Jackie enjoys running both as a way to explore when traveling and to keep her striving towards her goals. Her accomplishments have lead her to qualify for the international ultrarun back in April, at the Mount Si 50 miler in Snoqualmie, Washington.

“This will be my first time representing Canada at the World Championships, qualifying at the 2010 Mount Si 50 mile race with a 7 hours and 40 minutes race time,” Muir said.

As part of the Kintec/HOKA Race Team, Jackie was selected based on her role in the running community, being a good ambassador and educator of the sport. Her Kintec/HOKA Race Team shares numerous podium finishes and race completions of varying distances. While she isn’t training for her international race in Ireland, Jackie and her team will be knocking off events such as the Boston Marathon, Western States 100-miler, Wasatch Front 100-miler, and many more.


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