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The Sports Doctor

Run Free

Run Free

The Sport’s doctor plays an ever important role in that they are the direct link between you and the specialist treatment you may need at some stage in your running experiences. It may also be wise to know how a sports doctor may affect your health insurance premium and where you can improve on your coverage.

The doctor has to get to know you on a personal basis so that he can prescribe the correct treatment when it comes to all the ailments you may come across on a day to day basis. It is best to start with an overall check-up with the sports doctor you are going to working with, this medical check-up should cover everything including ‘blood screening’.

Such is the development of sports medicine that it is becoming increasingly important for the sports doctor to concentrate on the problems affecting the athlete from the waist to the head. The head is another area altogether(smile).

Although many millions of people participate in sports their is a relatively low incidence of fatalities and catastrophic injuries. There is however, a problem resulting from participants who incur injuries or illness as a result from training and competing who allow the problem to develop into more serious chronic conditions. For this reason it is of major importance that the athlete creates a good medical team around his needs and works with a doctor who works more in the direction of sports medicine.| more |

A number of years ago athletes were told to stop running because of the ‘abnormality’ in their heart-beats however with the science of sports medicine developing it was found it was all too often not necessary for the athletes to retire. The various subjects of athlete anemia, exercise induced asthma (EIA) as well as the dreaded influenza have become the norm in sports medicine and it is with this in mind that we venture into the world of the sports doctor. Read about Infections

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