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Pharyngitis – Upper Respiratory Infections

Acute inflammation of the throat or pharyngitis can be related to the common cold, influenza, or a more serious condition such as mononucleosis.

PharyngitisThe Epstein-Barr virus of mononucleosis or the streptococcus bacteria in the condition of scarlet fever or tonsillitis can be the cause of pharyngitis. Streptococcal infection is the cause of approximately 95% of all bacterial pharyngitis.

Transmission is often by direct contact with an actively infected person or one who is a carrier. Ingestion of contaminated food can cause a streptococcal sore throat.

Symptoms and signs:
Pharyngitis is characterized by difficulty in swallowing, fever, swollen lymph glands and tonsils, malaise, weakness, and anorexia. The mucous membranes of the throat may be severely inflamed with a covering purulent matter. A throat culture for determining the presence of a streptococcal bacterial infection may be necessary.

Control and treatment
Topical gargles and rest may be necessary. Antibiotic therapy is given for a streptococcal infection in order to avoid scarlet fever and rheumatic fever.’

Listed below are 8 Upper Respiratory Infections

hay fever
infectious mononucleosis
acute bronchitis
bronchial asthma
exercise induced bronchial obstruction (asthma)

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