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World Marathon Majors increases testing



LONDON, March 18, 2015 — Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM) is working in partnership with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to finance increased out-of-competition drug testing for elite athletes participating in AWMM events. This is the largest anti-doping effort to date by a private athletic organization and will begin this summer.

Elite athletes who meet the criteria below will be included in the AWMM Elite Athlete Testing Pool and subject to additional testing. This increased testing, coordinated by the IAAF, will be an addition to and not replace current national and international agency and individual AWMM in- and out-of-competition testing programs.

The following elite athletes will be included in the 2015 AWMM Testing Pool:

  1. All athletes who have earned WMM points in 2012-2015.
  2. All athletes entered into a 2015 AWMM race who are not included in 1, and who have run 2:27:00 or better (female) or 2:11:00 or better (male) in any marathon during 2012-2014. If these athletes do not score AWMM points, he/she will be dropped from the pool after the event.
  3. All athletes making their marathon debut and entered into a 2015 AWMM race who have run a half marathon 1:09:00 or better (female) or 1:00:00 or better (male).
  4. In line with the IAAF Anti-Doping Regulations, any other athlete deemed fit for inclusion – at the combined discretion and decision of the AWMM and the IAAF.
  5. Entry and exit into and from the AWMM testing pool is fluid and will be updated on a seasonal basis.
  6. After the third anniversary of the latest performance earning AWMM points, athletes will leave the pool.  If an athlete officially retires from competition, he or she will leave the pool.
  7. All athletes will be subject to the same rules, obligations and considerations as all others included in the IAAF Registered Testing Pool; with a commitment that they be tested on a regular basis, relative to their competitive schedule, environment and any other aspects deemed pertinent.

All aspects of the testing program will be coordinated by the IAAF Medical & Anti-Doping Department, ensuring that collective resources are maximized and all athletes are subjected to an equally rigorous, bespoke testing program. The testing pool will be approximately 150 athletes, and all athletes must participate in the testing in order to be eligible to receive any AWMM prize money.

AWMM Race Directors reserve the right to amend the criteria for inclusion in the AWMM Testing Pool, at any time, in cooperation with the IAAF Medical and Anti-Doping Departments.

“The Race Directors of the AWMM are determined to eradicate cheating in our events,” said Nick Bitel, AWMM General Counsel. “We believe that this new testing pool initiative, set up in conjunction with the IAAF, is a major step forward in achieving our aim.”


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