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Valerie Farrugia wins Leadership Award

Valerie Farrugia

When Valerie Farrugia first ventured down to her local track to watch her son compete in his school’s sports day, little did she know that it would be the beginning of a journey that would see her named Malta’s 2013 winner of the European Athletics Women’s Leadership Award. [Read more…]

Giselle Camilleri profile

Giselle CamilleriPaul Grech profiles Malta’s Giselle Camilleri

There is one fundamental difference between a person who is successful and someone who fails to reach his potential: determination.

This applies to atheltics just as much as it does to everday life. Two years ago, Giselle Camilleri was on the verge of quiting athletics. The disappointment of having to miss the Small Nations Games held in San Marino was simply too much.

It was at that point that she dug out the determination that is typical among winners. Instead of giving up, she decided to give it another go and began training once again. And she received her reward in June of this year when she managed to clinch a bronze medal in the 10,000m of the Small Nations’ Games held in Malta. [Read more…]

Jonathan Balzan profile

Jonathan Balzan Paul Grech profiles the late development of local runner Jonathan Balzan

Few take up athletics with the sole objective of becoming the best in their sport. For many, running is a way through which they can stay physically active, a means of relieving the stress of modern life. And if they start to clock good times, ambitions change accordingly.

Jonathan Balzan never considered athletics as anything more than an occasional pastime. Doing a school fun run gave him his first taste of running, and he eventually progressed to the various distance-running events held in Malta. On his own he learnt how to pace himself and on his own he improved his finishing times. [Read more…]

Carmen Hili profile

“I Look at my Finishing Time Rather Than My Placing” by Paul Grech

Even with the Maltese public Carmen Hili is a rather anonymous figure, largely unknown outside the circle of those who retain an avid interest in athletics. Yet, along with Carol Galea and Giselle Camilleri, she is among the leading Maltese female long distance athletes. [Read more…]

Tanya Blake – God Given Talent

Tanya BlakeTanya Blake – ‘God Gave Me a Talent And I Didn’t Want to Waste It’

Paul Grech profiles Malta’s top female runner Tanya Blake

It has been a good year for Tanya Blake. Not only has the 32 year old been winning medals for her adopted country of Malta, she’s also finally managed to dip below the two minute waterline that in the 800 meters traditionally separates the good from the average athletes. An achievement that not only guarantees her place in next year’s Olympics but also means that she has finally overcome possibly the biggest barrier of her career. [Read more…]

Pulling Down the Age Barriers

Pulling Down the Age Barriers

Pulling Down the Age Barriers

Paul Grech discusses the changing pace in the aging athlete

What happens to an athlete when the years start to catch up and he can no longer keep the pace? Does he simply give up and quit? That’s exactly what used to happen some years back when the only alternatives open to those eager to stay involved in their sport were to either take up coaching or else a role in administration. [Read more…]

Malta International Challenge 2004

Poul Greena Wins Malta International Challenge Marathon by Paul Grech

If there was ever a sporting event where calculators could be considered an essential accessory it was certainly at the third and final leg of this year’s Malta International Challenge Marathon. [Read more…]

One to Watch Out For Christian Formosa



One to Watch Out For Christian Formosa – 800m by Paul Grech

St. Patrick’s AC has never enjoyed a reputation of being a club renown for it’s track athletes, focusing instead on long distance events. However, all that could be about to change thanks also to a good number of young athletes coming through the ranks. [Read more…]

Running Is a Way to Remain Young

Malta VeteransRunning Is a Way to Remain Young’ by Paul Grech

Unbeknown to most of those taking part in this year’s edition of the St. Patrick’s Birzebbuga 10K in Malta, among them was an athlete who can boast a world record in athletics. For the majority of those athletes, Lynn Hughes was simply the English runner who on the day managed to win the Over 65 category.

Hughes’ achievements, however, are much more remarkable than that. On the 4 th of November 1967 he became the first man to cover the distance of forty miles on a track in less than four hours: 3:58:53.2 to be precise. And although that record has since been surpassed, it is still the fourth best time over the distance. [Read more…]

Greatest Achievement Away from Track

Lara Gerada

Lara Gerada

That 2003 was a fine year for Maltese athletics is evidenced by the honours handed out to local athletes at the Sportivi Nazzjonali contest and the Malta Olympic Committee awards. Yet, the most central achievement came far away from the track and has hardly been given any attention. [Read more…]