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Giselle Camilleri profile

Giselle CamilleriPaul Grech profiles Malta’s Giselle Camilleri

There is one fundamental difference between a person who is successful and someone who fails to reach his potential: determination.

This applies to atheltics just as much as it does to everday life. Two years ago, Giselle Camilleri was on the verge of quiting athletics. The disappointment of having to miss the Small Nations Games held in San Marino was simply too much.

It was at that point that she dug out the determination that is typical among winners. Instead of giving up, she decided to give it another go and began training once again. And she received her reward in June of this year when she managed to clinch a bronze medal in the 10,000m of the Small Nations’ Games held in Malta. [Read more…]

Carmen Hili profile

“I Look at my Finishing Time Rather Than My Placing” by Paul Grech

Even with the Maltese public Carmen Hili is a rather anonymous figure, largely unknown outside the circle of those who retain an avid interest in athletics. Yet, along with Carol Galea and Giselle Camilleri, she is among the leading Maltese female long distance athletes. [Read more…]