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$1.4million up for grabs at World Relays

IAAF world relay

A total prize purse of USD $1.4million will be paid by the IAAF for the men’s and women’s races at the inaugural IAAF World Relays in Nassau, The Bahamas, on 24-25 May.

Team prize money for each race

(all amounts are in US$)
1st – 50,000
2nd – 30,000
3rd – 20,000
4th – 12,000
5th – 10,000
6th – 8000
7th – 6000
8th – 4000

World record bonus

Any team who breaks a world record in Nassau will be awarded a USD $50,000 bonus by the IAAF.

The current ratified world records are:

4x100m: Jamaica 36.84, 11 August 2012, London
4x200m: United States 1:18.68, 17 April 1994, Walnut
4x400m: United States 2:54.29, 22 August 1993, Stuttgart
4x800m: Kenya 7:02.43, 25 August 2006, Brussels
4x1500m: Kenya 14:36.23, 4 September 2009, Brussels

4x100m: United States 40.82, 10 August 2012, London
4x200m: United States 1:27.46, 29 April 2000, Philadelphia
4x400m: USSR 3:15.17, 1 October 1988, Seoul
4x800m: USSR 7:50.17, 5 August 1984, Moscow
4x1500m: Kenya 17:05.72*, 26 April 2014, Nairobi

NOTE: The payment of all prize money is dependent upon athletes undergoing and clearing the usual anti-doping procedures.


Saturday 24 May (times are local; GMT -4 hours):
17:30 Men’s 4x200m heats
17:49 Women’s 4x100m heats
18:14 Men’s 4x800m final
18:38 Women’s 4x400m heats
19:12 Men’s 4x400m heats
19:43 Women’s 4x1500m final
20:15 Men’s 4x200m final
20:33 Women’s 4x100m final B
20:42 Women’s 4x100m final

Sunday 25 May
17:30 Women’s 4x200m heats
17:49 Men’s 4x100m heats
18:14 Women’s 4x400m final B
18:26 Women’s 4x400m final
18:46 Men’s 4x1500m final
19:17 Women’s 4x800m final
19:41 Men’s 4x400m final B
19:52 Men’s 4x400m final
20:11 Women’s 4x200m final
20:28 Men’s 4x100m final B
20:37 Men’s 4x100m final

*subject to the usual ratification procedures

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