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David Rudisha returns in Doha 2014

david rudisha

Olympic 800m champion and world record-holder David Rudisha will return to IAAF Diamond League action at the Doha 2014 meeting on Friday 9 May. [Read more…]

Savinova ponders defeat

Mariya Savinova

Mariya Savinova

Considering how unbeatable Mariya Savinova has been for the last three years it was something of a surprise to see her eclipsed so comprehensively in the 800m in Moscow. [Read more…]

New 800m Relay Record

There was a new British record in the women’s 4x800m as the GB & NI team also performed strongly in the women’s 4x400m and men’s 4x100m at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia, USA, today. The GB & NI women’s 4x800m team set a new British record of 8:13.46 as they finished fourth in a race […]

New 800m Relay Record is a post from: Time-to-Run UK

Time-to-Run UK» Track

Rudisha wins 800m Gold in WR

David Rudisha of Kenya bedazzled the world with his front running prowess and his majestic determination over 800m, this led to the first new world record on the London 2012 track. The 23-year-old Kenyan in his first appearance in an Olympic final became the first athlete to dip under the magical 1:41 barrier with his […]

Rudisha wins 800m Gold in WR is a post from: The Kenyan Experience

The Kenyan Experience» Track
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Borzakovskiy puts Helsinki on agenda

Yuriy Borzakovskiy

Yuriy Borzakovskiy

Last Thursday marked the 31st birthday of Russia’s 2004 Olympic Games 800m champion Yuriy Borzakovskiy and he used the occasion to announce that he will be bidding to win over two laps of the track at this summer’s European Athletics Championships. [Read more…]

The 800m event – All Time Best

The 800m event is being seen more as an extended sprint nowadays, than a middle distance race. The World’s elite, now cover the first 400m close to 50 seconds and it is a matter of time before it becomes the standard practise to go through the 1st 400m in sub 50 seconds.

This section will cover the progression of the 800m World Record as well as cover the Year’s Top 20 athletes of both the Male and Top 10 Female listings.

Further development will go towards training methods and discussions related to 800m training.

The Women’s Top 10 800m All time list [ more ]

More to follow with time.


1:41.01 David Lekuta Rudisha KEN Rieti, ITA, 29 Aug 2010

World Junior Record

1:42.69 Abubaker Kaki SUD Oslo (Bislett) 06 June 2008

For the Women’s records >> 800m Women

Area Records 800 METRES
Area Time Athlete Country Venue Date run
AFRICA 1:41.01 David Lekuta Rudisha KEN Rieti 29 08 2010
ASIA 1:42.79 Yusuf Saad Kamel BRN Monaco 29 07 2008
EUROPE 1:41.11 Wilson Kipketer DEN Köln 24 08 1997
NORTH,CENTRAL AMERICA&C. 1:42.60 Johnny Gray USA Koblenz 28 08 1985
OCEANIA 1:44.3 Peter Snell NZL Christchurch 03 02 1962
SOUTH AMERICA 1:41.77 Joaquim Carvalho Cruz BRA Köln 26 08 1984

All Time Best Top 30 List …. Update: July 2006 .. one entry added since 2004

The All Time Best Top 30 List : Male 800m athletes ever
Rank Time Athlete Name Country Date run Venue
01 1.41.11 Wilson Kipketer DEN 24.08.97 Köln
02 1.41.73 Sebastian Coe GBR 10.06.81 Firenze
03 1.41.77 Joaquim Cruz BRA 26.08.84 Köln
04 1.42.28 Sam Koskei KEN 26.08.84 Köln
05 1.42.34 Wilfred Bungei KEN 08.09.02 Rieti
06 1.42.47 Yuriy Borzakovskiy RUS 24.08.01 Bruxelles
07 1.42.55 André Bucher SUI 17.08.01 Zürich
08 1.42.58 Vebjørn Rodal NOR 31.07.96 Atlanta
09 1.42.60 Johnny Gray USA 28.08.85 Koblenz
10 1.42.62 Patrick Ndururi KEN 13.08.97 Zürich
11 1.42.69 Hezekiél Sepeng RSA 03.09.99 Bruxelles
11 1.42.69 Japheth Kimutai KEN 03.09.99 Bruxelles
11 1.42.69 Abubaker Kaki SUD 06.06.08 Oslo
14 1.42.79 Frederic Onyancha KEN 31.07.96 Atlanta
14 1.42.79 Youssef Saad Kamel BRN 29.07.08 Monaco
16 1.42.81 Jean-Patrick Nduwimana BDI 17.08.01 Zürich
17 1.42.85 Norberto Téllez CUB 31.07.96 Atlanta
18 1.42.88 Steve Cram GBR 21.08.85 Zürich
19 1:42.89 Mbulaeni Mulaudzi RSA 05.09.03 Bruxelles
20 1.42.91 William Yiampoy KEN 08.09.02 Rieti
21 1.42.97 Peter Elliott GBR 30.05.90 Sevilla
22 1.42.98 Patrick Konchellah KEN 24.08.97 Köln
23 1:43.03 Kenneth Kimwetich KEN 19.07.98 Stuttgart
24 1.43.06 Billy Konchellah KEN 01.09.87 Roma
25 1:43.07 Yeimer López BRA 24.06.08 Jerez de la Frontera
26 1.43.08 José Luiz Barbosa BRA 06.09.91 Rieti
27 1.43.09 Djabir Saïd-Guerni ALG 03.09.99 Bruxelles
28 1.43.15 Mehdi Baala FRA 08.09.02 Rieti
29 1.43.16 Paul Ereng KEN 16.08.89 Zürich
30 1.43.17 Benson Koech KEN 28.08.94 Rieti
31 1.43.20 Mark Everett USA 09.07.97 Linz
32 1.43.22 Pawel Czapiewski POL 17.08.01 Zürich
33 1.43.26 Sammy Langat KEN 14.08.96 Zürich

The Art of 800m Running

The 800m has moved into the realms of the long sprint. Today’s 800m athlete will need to be a 45/46 second 400m athlete, who needs to feel comfortable going through the 1st 400m of the 2 lap race close to 50 seconds. The event requires both endurance and tactical ‘know how’, which in itself produces great excitement for athlete and spectator..

A brief history

The 800m has come about due to the English mile. It is believed the 800m was born in England during the 14th century. At the first professional competitions, races were contested over 880 yards or half a mile (804.67m). In 1876, Walter Slade improved what can be regarded as the first world record at the distance by three times, slashing it to 1’58’’1/5. The first, acknowledged, master of the discipline was the American Melvin Sheppard, a double Olympic champion in 1908 at London over 800 and 1500m. From Tom Hampson, as regular as a metronome, to John Woodruff and his formidable stride (he measured 1.90 m), the 800m provided some titanic tussles. In 1962, Peter Snell made his mark on the distance when he shattered the world record with 1’44’’3 on the grass at Christchurch. Others who enjoyed spells of dominance include Fiasconaro, Wohlhuter and Juantorena… before the reign of a certain Sebastian Coe.

The basic principles

The 800m is basically all about suffering, but this is less intense than at 400m. For while on a single lap of the track, the athlete goes all out without holding anything back, the 800-metre runner has to be able to concentrate his efforts at the right moment.

A combination of ingenuity, anticipation and positional sense, the 800m demands true tactical intelligence in order not to remain trapped in the pack. It is no surprise that the discipline is open to a wide range of profiles, consisting of athletes moving up from the 400m, formidable for their burst of speed towards the end of a tactical race, or those moving down from longer distances, adept at pacing themselves. However, the one characteristic a future record holder must display is raw speed.

The major figures

Over the years, there have been a number of greats who have made their mark on the distance .

Sebastian Coe (GBR): Was an athlete who displayed considerable Seb Coe - 1:41.71 ability over 1500m, as well. And is the last truly great Champion to double up successfully. This British 1500m specialist was twice Olympic champion at that distance as well as improving the World Record for 800m on two occasions. The first, on the 5 July 1979 in Oslo, he bettered Juantorena’s world record to 1’42’’33, an improvement by over a second from 1:43.44. In the process demonstrating the virtue of a tactical race. 800m Silver medallist at the 1980 Moscow Games, he delivered a masterclass one year later at Florence, completing the two laps of the track in 1’41’’73. In two years under Coe’s impetus, the 800m made a staggering progression. His world record would remain intact for an incredible 16 years, until in August 1997, Wilson Kipketer outstripped it at Zurich in 1’41’’24.

Maria Mutola (MOZ): The talismanic figure of the 800m, she has Maria Mutola dominated the discipline almost unchallenged for the past decade, and in 2000 at Sydney, the Mozambican received the recognition she deserved when she was crowned Olympic champion. 10 years on from her first title triumph in Stuttgart, the twice world champion has her eyes on a treble at Paris Saint-Denis 2003, although her rivals, the Austrian Stephanie Graf and Jolanda Ceplak of Slovenia look determined to deny Mutola that prestige.

With more input at a later stage

The Future

Yuriy Borzakovskiy (RUS): Yuriy  BorzakovskiyBorzakovskiy is undoutedly the most naturally talented athlete to line-up for the 800m distance in the last couple of years. With a PB of 1.42.47 set in 2001, he seems to have it all. In 2002, he took a year off 800m running to concentrate on his 400m speed and this year he has returned a different athlete. Renowned for his kick, and the lack of commitment to go with the early pace, 2003 has seen him return with a new determined attitude. 2003 has seen him run 1:43.93, as well as defeat all the main protagonists in the 800m.

Jolanda Ceplak (SLO): This flowing blond haired athlete from Slovenia, Jolanda Ceplak seems set to dominate the 800m distance with a zest and desire to attack the World Record like no athlete before her. And with the strong competition from Austria’s Stephanie Graf promised for the future, a sub 1:54 clocking may certainly be on the cards.

Edit: Unfortunately, Stephanie Graf has retired in 2004

More input shall be provided to this subject in the future – this section is due for updates

The 800m event All Time Best List

As mentioned, the Women’s 800m record will have stood for 30 years in July 2012. This is under the name of the Czech powerhouse, Jarmila Kratochvílová, with 1:53.28 Maria Mutola who for a long time was seen as a suitable candidate to challenge this record; when questioned about the validity of the times which fall under the cloud of being drug boosted, was quick to respond that she feels that they shouldn’t be removed from the record books. [Read more…]

The 800m event 2002

The 800m event for 2002 saw a group of 5 Kenyan athletes make their presence felt on the International Race circuit, by winning the A and B events at a number of the European meetings through the season. [Read more…]