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The Best Running Trails In America

headlands - trail usa

Trail running is an intense sport, which involves running over challenging terrain such as mountains. There are many races and events across the world which celebrate the difficult sport. America has some amazing trail running routes.

The Best Running Trails In America

If you want to challenge yourself, make sure you have completed your ESTA Visa Waiver application to ensure you’re able to enter the country and participate. Here are some of the best trails to try.

Marian Headlands, California

Situated in the Golden Gate Recreational Area, near the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, this is a trail which has plenty to see. There is an intense network of trails here, taking you along the coast via Rodeo Beach and into the headlands before you hit the stunning Tennessee Valley. You can run an out and back route or double up to make as many loops as you need, this makes the trail great for people looking to do a variety of distances.

Light House Beach, North Carolina

Running towards the tallest lighthouse in the US is certainly motivating. The trail is popular with local runners, as it takes you along the coast of Carolina, and is best enjoyed at sunrise or sunset. There are a series of races which take place on the route throughout the year, so you should be able to participate in one if you want to test your competitive edge.

Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

This 11-mile route around the island of Kauai in Hawaii takes you along some stunning cliffs. This is an extremely challenging route; the course is almost entirely hill-based and navigates some paths which have sheer drops into the ocean on one side. Definitely not advised for people who are afraid of heights!

Palmer Park, Colorado

This grassland park has a huge range of trails, of varying difficulty and length. These routes are also hotspots for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding, so the paths may be shared at times. People seeking a challenge can take a 7 mile route that will take them through rocky paths into the mountains. There also some less steep routes available for beginners.

McKenzie River Trail, Oregon

The trail takes runners through the forests and past the famous Clear Lake, which gets its name from its clear blue water. It is known as one of the most scenic trails in America because it takes runners past several waterfalls. The trail is 26 miles long, making it popular with marathon runners, although there are several smaller loops available for people looking for a gentler run. The option to jump in the Belknap Hot Springs to relax after the run is what makes this one of the most-loved trails in America.

Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, Washington

Many people assume that trail running is only undertaken in dramatic landscapes, but cities have a lot to offer too. There are 36 miles of trails to be discovered in the enormous park, making this the ultimate way to experience both trail running and city life if you are taking a vacation. The trails vary in difficulty and feature lots of twists and turns through grassland, over rivers and past waterfalls.

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