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Registration for Tuga-Mabo Opens on 21st December

borriol trail event

Next Sunday at 18:00 the doors will be opened to all those who want to run the la Marató de Muntanya de Borriol which will be held on Sunday 21st March. As  all race entries sold out in 3 hours for last year’s race a new system has been set up giving priority to those runners who have participated in at least 5 previous MABO races or those who have a race time of under 5 hours (or 5 hours 45 minutes for female competitors) in any of the last three MABO races.

There is massive expectation as last year race entries sold out in 2h 40 minutes! Note: Time-to-Run users have the opportunity of being able to send an email to us before the 20th December 2014, and will be booked a place in the field. Send to maratoborriol @

Priority registration will be available between the 15th and 19th of December via emailing the organization. Once this period is over race registration for the remaining entries (there will be a maximum of 400)will open for those that wish to participate in the 2015 MABO.

Once again, this year the race will form part of the EMM race series (European Mountain Marathons) which, in 2015, will consist of 13 races spread across Spain, Portugal, UK and Russia. The TUGA-MABO will be the second event in the series after the Baikal Ice marathon.

Additionally el Club Muntanyer La Pedrera will continue to hold several other events around the main MABO event. These will include the ExpoMABO, La Petit Mabo and a photography competition which will create a festival atmosphere over the weekend for all trail running lovers.

Regarding the event itself, the race route will remain unchanged, running between “la sierra prelitoral” and the Mediterranean Sea which can be seen for a large part of the race. Passing through some of the most inhospitable zones in Borriol and later moving into “el parc natural del Desert de les palmes” and after up to “la Mola de Morico” and the treacherous “Raca” climb. 42Km and 2550+ total climbing with technical terrain mean that the MABO creates a strong impression on all those brave enough to enter.

Iván Ortíz (3 h 56’ 57’’) and Nuria Domínguez (4h 46’ 04’’) continue to hold the course records set in 2013. There is an “Ecopiezas” prize of 250 euros for anyone who breaks these records. As well as this prize there are prizes for the first 3 overall finishers of 250, 150 and 100 euros respectively as well as the “Inbike” prize for the first person to pass the sign at km33 at the Raca climb.

In the previous race the winners were Dani Tristany followed by Jessed Hernandez and Victor Bernat. In the female category Nuria Dominguez won for the second year running followed by Beatriz Real and Sofia Garcia who later went on to win the EMM race series several months later.

We are pleased to announce that a few days ago el Club Muntanyer la Pedrera signed an agreement with Tuga Active Wear who became the offical race wear sponsor and the race is now called the TUGA-MABO. We are also pleased to announce that the British footwear brand Inov8 have signed up to become the offical footwear sponsor.

The 9th TUGA_MABO is supported by la Diputación de Castellón and el Ayuntamiento de Borriol who have played an important role in promoting the race, Borriol and the province of Castellón under the “montañas de Castellón” brand. This year the race will also be FEDME certified.

You’ll have to be quick on the Sunday the 21st if you want to run the IX TUGA-MABO!!

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