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Transajches Trail Race by Sandy

Start Transajches Trail

Lanzarote, July 2015 – The Transajches Trail Race was by far the most difficult race I have ever done, in my 40 yrs of running!! Difficult both physically and mentally.

The race started at Puerto Calero and finished in Femes, so we needed to be bussed down to the port. We waited an hour in the blistering heat before the bus left Femes at four.  Another hot wait until the race started at five.

Transajches Trail Race

The race route was beautiful as we started off running along the coast over a couple of beaches before turning inland and the array of mountains. Then it just seemed to be hill after hill after hill and a strong headwind. I was really suffering by the 8km mark and the little voice inside my head was telling me to stop but the other little voice said that I would hate myself and just keep going, just finish.  At the 12km mark I was starting to feel a bit better.  It was getting a bit cooler and I only had 8km to go.  The last 6km was a lot more technical as we were on the goat trails which were quite narrow and had some beautiful views over to Playa Blanca.  I wasn’t brave enough to run down some of the downhills but did manage to overtake 2 men in the last 2km.  Made it to the finish line in 3hrs 6 which was really slow but I felt very proud of myself for finishing as it really was a mental battle.

The race itself was very well organized, with well marked out routes and refreshments.  The atmosphere was good and trophies for overall winners and age-groupers

Transajches Trail Race report by Sandy Roberts

Some photos from the Transajches Trail Race

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