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Paula Radcliffe Doping statement

paula radcliffe doping

Paula Radcliffe Doping – Radcliffe has issued a statement strongly denying any doping allegations that has been associated with the recent Sunday Times article.

Paula Radcliffe Doping Allegations

The British athlete issued the following statement:

“I categorically deny that I have resorted to cheating in any form whatsoever at any time in my career, and am devastated that my name has even been linked to these wide-ranging accusations. I have campaigned long and hard throughout my career for a clean sport. I have publicly condemned cheats and those who aid them. These accusations threaten to undermine all I have stood and competed for, as well as my hard earned reputation. By linking me to allegations of cheating, damage done to my name and reputation can never be fully repaired, no matter how untrue I know them to be.”

Radcliffe, the World Record holder in the Marathon, with an outstanding and untouchable time; to date, of 2:15:25 set in the London Marathon in 2003.

The athlete further stated her support for the fight against doping by stating:

“Whilst I have the greatest of respect for anyone responsibly trying to uncover cheating in sport, and of course for Parliament itself, it is profoundly disappointing that the cloak of Parliamentary privilege has been used to effectively implicate me, tarnishing my reputation, with full knowledge that I have no recourse against anyone for repeating what has been said at the Committee Hearing.”

Whereas, the statement comes after the recent Sunday Times article and comments made in the UK parliament by Jesse Norman, chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, who had said during the hearing that “potentially the winners or medalists at the London Marathon” and “potentially British athletes are under suspicion for very high levels of blood doping.”

This statement by Norman prompted Radcliffe to ‘break her silence’

“At the time of the recent Sunday Times coverage, I wrestled long and hard with a desire to speak out with the true facts concerning my position, and, to fully explain any fluctuations in my blood data. However by ‘coming out’ in that fashion I was made aware that I would be facilitating mass coverage of my name in connection with false allegations of possible doping, which would enable further irreparable damage to be done to my reputation. As a result of today’s Parliamentary Hearing I can no longer maintain my silence.”

This is all very well, however some feel that Radcliffe waited far too long before issuing any statement, of any sort.

link to Radcliffe’s full statement

There is undoubtedly more to come in the Paula Radliffe doping scenario

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