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Gavin Doyle - Editor Time-to-RunWelcome to the background information ‘about us’ regarding Time-to-Run. As Editor it is my job to co-ordinate the development of the various local sites being established worldwide. Gavin Doyle – The Editor

The development of Time-to-Run worldwide has progressed in the right direction and now we take the time to enhance what has been developed.  We need you the user to continue to assist us in the further development of a site that provides the correct and concise information.



In 2014, we will be focusing further on Event listings, Club Listings and an overall Running Directory

In 2011 and 2012 we have changed much of the old site (HTML) onto a new platform (WordPress) and have also started the process of adding new content as well as translating content into Finnish under Time-to-Run Suomi. The Running Feedback Forums has provided a great service to those runners following our 10k Training Programs.

2010 saw stats climb further – Over 1 million visits to Time-to-Run in 2010

Future plans: The Development of an ‘enhanced’ Events section as well as the adding of further languages.

Updates: The content for Kenya was improved and updated as well as the introduction to content relating to Europe

Updates previous. these consist of the development of Sweden (in Sverige) begun and Australia sections (begun) as well as the enhancing of the Finland section, in both English and Suomi (done). Deutsch Laufzeit has also been started, Malta has been upgraded

Over the years the various sections developed ahead of functionality and now we return to enhance each area as well as add new content to all the categories.

TheEd: Gavin Doyle is originally from Cape Town, South Africa and is now based in Europe. He is married to Finnish citizen, Piia with a son, born Feb 2001 and 2 daughters born in 2003 and 2005.

He has been extensively involved in the coaching and development of athletes in Cape Town, South Africa, where he coached from 1984 till 1997, before finding himself on a new path in Europe. During this coaching period, he worked with a support network that consisted of nutritionists and a full medical back-up team to help in the development of athletes and their welfare. He has carried this experience into the development of the Time-to-Run site.

TheEd’s Blog

Here is a post which fills in further detail about Time-to-Run’s background