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Day 4 – Munich 2002

Day 4’s events consisted of the Men’s 800m and Women’s 1500m heats

Below is a ‘capping’ of the Men’s 800m and Women’s 1500m heats.

Men’s 800m heats

Nils Schumann

Nils Schumann

Nils Schumann displays fine form, set the fastest time of the heats and showed that he is a definite medal contender. His smooth acceleration through the final 100m was pleasing to see, as it signaled a return to form at the right time. All the main contenders went through to the next round, with Wilson Kipketer looking ‘assured’ in his heat, in the same heat Andre Bucher of Switzerland qualified with relative ease. However, only time will tell whether the Swiss athlete is ready for tougher competition after his injury enforced lay-off, his style of front-running does not allow for a slip in either form or lack of fitness.

Pavel Czapiewski of Poland is another medal contender who qualified with relative ease, however his manner of run from behind does not auger well if the other athletes all fire on race day.

Men’s 800m Heats 1

1 Antonio Reina (Spa) 1min 47.52secs (Q)
2 Stefan Beumer (Ned) 1:47.66(Q)
3 Nicolas Aissat (Fra) 1:48.07 (Q)
4 C Neunhauserer (Ita) 1:48.25
5 TomOmey (Bel) 1:48.27
6 Alibey Sukurov (Aze) 1:49.27
7 F Almeida (Por) 1:50.81
8 Dominic Carroll (Gib) 1:58.22

Men’s 800m Heats 2

Kipketer - Bucher

Kipketer - Bucher

1 Bram Som (Ned) 1:47.52 (Q)
2 P Czapiewski (Pol) 1:47.53 (Q)
3 Joeri Jansen (Bel) 1:47.71 (Q)
4 Miguel Quesada (Spa) 1:47.85 (q)
5 RamilAritkulov (Rus) 1:48.15
6 Vanco Stojanov (Mac) 1:48.31
7 Franck Barre (Fra)1:48.68

Pavel CZAPIEWSKI (800 Meters):
“It was a little bit tougher than I expected. It’s always the morning run, which I don’t like. I’m also planning the same technique in the next rounds and the main thing is, I’m in a better shape than at the beginning of the season.”

KipketerMen’s 800m Heats 3
1 René Herms (Ger) 1:47.07 (Q)
2 Wilson Kipketer (Den) 1:47.29 (Q)
3 André Bucher (Swi) 1:47.48 (Q)
4 James McIlroy (Gbr) 1:47.67 (q)
5 G Krzosek(Pol) 1:47.98 (q)
6 D Bogdanov (Rus) 1:48.15
DNF Khaled Azerkan (Swe)

Wilson KIPKETER (800 Meters):
“I have things under control, it felt very comfortable. I think I’m strong enough for three races, there’s no problem with my shape, but of course you cannot compare it with my best years in the past.”

Men’s 800m Heats 4
1 Nils Schumann (Ger) 1:46.90 (Q)
2 Arnoud Okken (Ned) 1:47.22 (Q)
3 Rizak Dirshe (Swe) 1:47.36 (Q)
4 Florent Lacasse (Fra) 1:47.74 (q)
5 P Stroubakos (Gre) 1:48.00
6 Wilson Kirwa (Fin) 1:48.23
7 A Whiteman (Gbr)1:50.60

Women’s 1500m heats
Gabriela Szabo of Romania came through the qualifying heat relatively unscathed and showed capabilities of running a lot quicker. The lurking presence of Alesya Turova of Belarus [the World 3000m SteepleChase Record Holder], may be ominous in the final. There was nothing exceptional in the qualifying heats and only the brave front-running of Judit Varga of Hungary in heat 1 stood out, she made sure of her qualfication by setting a pace suitable to herslef, unlike other who left everything to the lottery of a final sprint. The 3 British Commonwealth medalists, all went out by adopting such an approach.

Women’s 1500m Heats 1
1 Judit Varga (Hun) 4:07.71 (Q)
2 D Yordanova (Bul) 4:07.76 (Q)
3 Fuentes-Pila ((Spa) 4:07.89 (Q)
4 Kelly Holmes (Gbr) 4:08.11
5 Elena Iagar(Rom) 4:09.37
6 Y Puzanova (Rus) 4:11.49
7 Maria Tsirba (Gre) 4:12.75
8 Trine Pilskog (Nor) 4:13.84
9 Drazdauskaite (Lit) 4:16.80
10 Anjolie Wisse(Ned) 4:17.89

Men’s 1500m Heats 2
1 Sureyya Ayhan (Ukr) 4:04.42 (Q)
2 I Lishchinska (Ukr) 4:08.89 (Q)
3 N Rodriguez (Spa) 4:08.91 (Q)
4 K Friedrich (Ger) 4:08.98
5 Helen Pattinson(Gbr) 4:09.66
6 Lena Nilsson (Swe) 4:09.89
7 V Dejaeghere (Bel) 4:10.88
8 G Hendricken (Irl) 4:18.13
9 Helena Javornik (Slo) 4:18.46
10 Lívia Toth (Hun)4:19.53
11 Sara Palmas (Ita) 4:28.31

Men’s 1500m Heats 3
1 T Tomashova (Rus) 4:05.04 (Q)
2 Gabriela Szabo (Rom) 4:05.14 (Q)
3 Nuria Fernandez (Spa) 4:05.42 (Q)
4 C Sacramento (Por) 4:05.70 (q)
5 AlesyaTurova (Blr) 4:05.75 (q)
6 Lidia Chojecka (Pol) 4:05.78 (q)
7 Hayley Tullett(Gbr) 4:10.68
8 Maria Lynch (Irl) 4:14.41
9 Heidi Jensen (Den) 4:16.01
10 Kristin Roset (Nor) 4:17.40
11 Sonja Roman (Slo) 4:19.87

Gabriela SZABO (1500 Meters):
“Of course it was a little bit unusual for me to run the 1500m again after such a long time. I did the last one during the World Championships in Edmonton 2001. During my preparation I concentrated very much on speed, doing sprints and you know the season is long, many more meetings are awaiting me.”

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