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Copenhagen Marathon Report 2010


The Copenhagen Marathon 2010 was a major success when considering the new heights the 4-time Olympian, Colleen De Reuck of the USA,  took ‘marathoning’ to via her superb 2:30:51 performance.

Whereas Copenhagen had been gaining in numbers on a yearly basis to be billed as the ‘fastest growing marathon in Europe’ not much attention had been given to the little detail of performance running. A detail which is now being chartered on a yearly basis starting from 2009.

In the Men’s race, the designated pacer, Kevin Quinn, triggered his knee when navigating a bollard and had to retire from his duties. So after just 20 minutes of running the host club Sparta’s Steen Walter took off like a scorched rabbit after the Irish athlete, Alan O’Shea, had experienced problems at the water-point.

(An area which will be focused on for 2011 – Elite water-points).

By 15km Walter was well clear of the 2nd placed Danish athlete, Mikkel Kleis, who was in-turn ahead of O’Shea. Walter had accelerated to make a break from the Irishman to coast through 15km in 49:07, on target for sub 2:20 finish but would inevitably pay for his inconsistent pace.

Mikkel Kleis ahead of Alan O’Shea

At the same point Women’s favourite, Colleen De Reuck, was tucked in behind a group of runners clocking around 3:35 per km for a 3:30 to 3:32 end goal. Danish women’s favourite, Anne-Mette Aagaard,  and also of the club Sparta, was on target for her crack at sub 2:36 at this point.

Within the mass of the field it was impressive to note how large the sub 3:15 ‘bus’ was as they followed the ‘pace balloons’

At 25km, Steen Walter, was still at the helm but was being eagerly chased down by Kleis, who was definitely delivering a faster tempo than the pre-race favourite. At this point in the race O’ Shea was still in 3rd place and would move into 2nd spot as the early leader ran into difficulty over the last 6km to allow Poland’s Lukasz Gurfinkiel to move into 3rd spot.

The American De Reuck came past 25km looking composed after passing through 21km in 75:27 and would run another even split to set-up the fastest marathon time by a woman on Danish soil.

Magnus Hansson ahead of De Reuck

Kleis overtook Walter to win both the Danish Marathon Champs run in conjunction with the Copenhagen Marathon as well as the event title in a solid 2:22:29 with O’ Shea less than 30 seconds behind in 2:22:52.

De Reuck stormed through for an eye raising 2:30:51, good enough for the 2nd fastest time in the Women’s age group 45 to 49  as well a new USA age group record.

Aagaard unfortunately slipped off her aim of sub 2:36 and had to be content with 2:38:49 with club mate Anne-sofie Pade Hansen 3rd in 2:44:15.

To say the weather conditions were ideal would plainly be underscoring the remarkable performance of De Reuck who (imo) would have run a 2:28 in more ideal circumstances. O’ Shea deserves another crack at sub 2:20 and we will be looking to invite him to the 2011 edition with special attention being given to him receiving his bottles at the aid stations.

Contributed by Gavin Doyle – Copenhagen Elite Athlete Coordinator

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