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Beamish excels and NZ results

Within a space of two weeks 24-year-old George Beamish of Whanganui has run the mile twice in 3:54 and won the race on both occasions.

George Beamish excels over the Mile

Based in the States, Beamish has cut two seconds off his previous best at the Millrose Games in New York in February 2020 and moved up to eighth on the New Zealand all-time list. Following his win in Raleigh in 3:54.92 he followed this up with victory Eugene in 3:54.86. He now heads Sam Tanner, Julian Oakley, Tony Rogers and Dick Quax in the rankings.

Beamish is a graduate from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, three-time NCAA Cross Country Team Champion (2016-2018)

New Zealand results International and local Track and Road

International Results
Sir Walter Miler, Raleigh NC, 6 August: George Beamish mile 3:54.92 PB (1). A two-second improvement taking him to eighth on the New Zealand all-time list.

Prefontaine Classic, Eugene OR, 20 August: George Beamish mile 3:54.86 PB (1), 1500m 3:41.22. Craig Engels was second in 3:55.41. 21 August: Tom Walsh SP 21.39m (4) (21.24, 21.33, 21.39, x, 20.85 -). Ryan Crouser won with 23.15m.

Resisprint International, La Chaux-de-Fonds, 14 August: Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.76 NWR (4H5).

Citius Meeting, Bern, 21 August: Hamish Carson 1500m 3:38.32 (8).

Mityng Gwiazd na Rynku Kościuszki, Bialystok, 20 August: Jacko Gill SP 20.20 (3) (19.05, 19.38, 19.83, 19.42, 20.20, 18.34).

New Zealand Competition Results


Pre-Paralympic Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 31 July 2021
William Stedman T36 set a New Zealand T36 400m record of 53.65, bettering his 54.28 at the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai in 2019. Mitch Joynt T64 ran 54.69.

Stedman will race the final of the T36 400m at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics on 31 August at 2.20pm New Zealand time.

Holly Robinson F46 600g JT 41.57m. Caitlin Dore F37 3kg SP 9.33m. Sionann Murphy F37 3kg SP 7.73m PB. Ben Tuimaseve F37 5kg SP 12.24m. Ben Baines F37 600g JT 30.44m.

Also competing Nadja Kumerich 3kg SP 11.43m, Isabella Pua 10.84m. Brianna Tirado 600g JT 40.50m. Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz 500g JT 31.60m. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 6kg SP 16.30m. Reid Davidson 5kg SP 12.26m. Anton Schroder 800g JT 56.85m, Ethan Walker 53.05m, Michael Mitchell 51.67m. Douw Botes 700g JT 54.13m, Finn Burridge 44.56m.


Needle Relay, Evans Bay – 14 August 2021
21km, Laps of 5km, 3km, 5km, 3km, 5km.

Senior women: Wellington Harrier Athletic Club (Natasha Rae 18:37, Sarah Riceman 10:55, Sarah Drought 17:45, Marjan Doppen 11:13, Esther George 17:44) 1:16:14, Wellington Scottish 1:16:43, Olympic 1:24:04.

Senior men: Wellington Scottish (Dan Jones 15:37, Malcolm Hodge, 9:26, Bert Prendergast 16:02, Harry McLean 9:29, Kristian Day 15:51) 1:06:25, WHAC 1:08:26, Scottish M35 1:08:52.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 10 August: Devon Beckman 17:03, Stephen Gilbert 17:05, Harry Harris 17:07. Katie Evans 19:50, Kayla Fairbairn 20:27, Bridget McArthur 21:17. 17 August: Steven Langdon 17:24, Stephen Gilbert 17:49, Keith Burrows 18:00.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 11 August: Haoting Ma 17:39, Andrew Harvey 19:46, Conan Christmas 20:17. Jacqueline Kemp 22:14.

Cambridge High School 10km, 14 August: Steve Rees-Jones 34:41, Dean Chiplin 36:34, Reuben Tomlinson 38:03.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 15 August: Michael Tong 36:07, Oliver Baxter 37:06, Jeff Bannister 39:16.

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