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Jacko Gill sets new Shotput personal best of 22.12m

Jacko Gill - shotput

The Sir Graeme Douglas International at the Douglas Track in Henderson on the 16th March 2023, proved to be a happy hunting ground for Jacko Gill

Jacko Gill sets new Shotput personal best of 22.12m

A personal best shot put by Jacko Gill of 22.12m, the first time over 22 metres and a further New Zealand record by Zoe Hobbs in the 100m highlighted the World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze meeting.

Gill followed up his first senior national title in Wellington two weeks ago with another win over arch rival Tom Walsh, laying down the gauntlet with his opening throw of 22.12m. Successive rounds had the shot out to 21.92m, 21.78m, 20.89m and 20.54m. Walsh’s series was 21.79m, 21.07m, F, F, 21.07m, F.

Gill was delighted with his performance. “I’m stoked, I can’t believe it I’m very happy. I have wanted to throw 22 since I was 16, it was always the dream to get 22m.”

Hobbs eclipsed her New Zealand all-comers and resident 100m record of 11.07 set at the national championships with another superb sprint of 11.02 in far from ideal conditions. Bree Masters was second in 11.23 from fellow Australian Ella Connolly 11.35.

Hobbs said that she didn’t have a lot of expectation coming into the race. “I just wanted to have fun and I raced quite late when the weather wasn’t the best. “I was surprised to hear that time because I didn’t have the best start. I didn’t think I would run 11.02 so it is pretty reassuring to know I can, as it wasn’t the perfect race.”

In one of the best long jump competitions for some time Liam Adcock of Australia equaled the New Zealand all-comers record of 8.05m held by Bob Thomas since 1968. Adcock’s 8.05m was with a legal following wind of 1.1mps. He had also had a jump of 8.18m +2.3 in an earlier round. Shay Veitch was spurred on to excel and added 16cm to his career best clearing 7.99m +1.8. Other personal bests other than those indicated below: Zachary Saunders 400m 48.51, Kahurangi Cotterill 400m 48.74, Nick Davies 1500m 3:57.46, Connor Melton 5000m 14:04.86, William Little 5000m 14:06.73. Harrison McGregor 6kg SP 16.40m, Blessing Sefo 7.26kg SP 15.59m. Chantal MacDonald 400m 58.00, Sascha Letica 1500m 4:39.00, Nadja Kumerich 4kg SP 12.65m, Suzannah Kennelly 4kg SP 12.38m, Briana Stephenson 4kg SP 10.84m.

100m: Jake Doran (Australia) 10.20s 1, Taju Hongo (Japan) 10.36s 2, Jake Penny (Australia) 10.36s
400m: Tommy Te Puni (North Harbour Bays) 47.63s 1, Lex Revell-Lewis (Waitakere) 47.82s 2, James Ford (Takapuna) 47.96s 1500m: Ryoji Tatezawa (Japan) 3m 42.74s 1, Russell Green (Otago) 3m 46.54s 2, Hinata Maeda (Japan) 3m 48.10s 3. Jack Paine 3m 50.13 5. 5000m: Julian Oakley (Tauranga) 13m 58.51s 1, Matthew Taylor (NHB) 14m 2.70s PB 2, Christian De Vaal (Pakuranga) 14m 3.07s PB 3. 400m hurdles: Takayuki Kishimoto (Japan) 51.77s 1, Chris Douglas (Australia) 52.66s 2, Flynn Johnston (Whanganui) 57.74s PB 3. Shot put: Jacko Gill (Takapuna) 22.12m PB 1, Tom Walsh (South Canterbury) 21.79m 2, Nick Palmer (Hastings) 18.43m 3. Javelin throw: Capers Williamson (USA) 67.78m 1, Douw Botes (Pakuranga) 61.98m 2, Nathan Buckley (Pakuranga) 54.17m 3. Long jump: Liam Adcock (Australia) 8.18m 1, Shay Veitch (Otago) 7.99m PB 2, William Freyer (Australia) 7.80m 3.Pole vault: Nick Southgate (Takapuna) 5.22m 1, James Steyn (NHB) 5.02m 2, Ettiene Du Preez (NHB) 4.72m 3. 4 x 100m relay: Australia (Jake Doran, Jacob Despard, Caleb Law, Jake Penny) 39.18s 1, Otago 40.69s 2.

100m: Zoe Hobbs (North Harbour Bays) 11.02s (New Zealand all-comers and resident record) 1, Bree Masters (Australia) 11.23s 2, Ella Connolly (Australia) 11.35s 3. 400m: Rosie Elliott (Christchurch) 53.22s 1, Jessie Andrew (Australia) 55.07s 2, Stella Pearless (NHB) 55.53s 3. 1500m: Nozomi Tanaka (Japan) 4m 14.46s 1, Rebecca Mehra (USA) 4m 14.75s 2, Laura Nagel (NHB) 4m 15.57s 3. 5000m: Camille French (Hamilton) 16m 14.35s 1, Anneke Grogan (NHB) 16m 56.73s 2, Jess Wright (NHB) 17m 34.10s 3. 400m hurdles: Loan Ville (France) 59.48s 1, Portia Bing (Waitakere) 59.63s 2, Grace Wisnewski 61.40s PB 3.

Shot put: Maddison Wesche (Waitakere) 19.11m 1, Atamaama Tuutafaiva (Tonga) 15.99m 2, Natalia Rankin-Chitar (Papatoetoe) 15.08m 3. Javelin throw: Jess Bell (Australia) 49.54m 1, Abbey Moody (South Canterbury) 41.37m 2, Alice Taylor (Hamilton) 37.36m PB 3. Long jump: Annie McGuire (Australia) 6.40m 1, Tay-Leiha Clark (Australia) 6.06m 2, Mariah Ririnui (Tauranga) 5.96m 3. Pole vault: Eliza McCartney (NHB) 4.46m 1, Eliza Meetings (Canterbury) 3.41m 2, Hannah Adye (NHB) 3.41m 3. 4 x 100m relay: Australia (Kristie Edwards, Ella Connolly, Bree Masters, Torrie Lewis) 43.90s 1, New Zealand under 20 46.96s 2.
Para Athlete
Men 100m: Mitch Joynt 11.87s 1, Zachary Orbell 14.10s 2, Jaxon Woolley 12.62s 3. 200m: Joynt 24.20s 1, Woolley 26.23s 2, Orbell 29.66s 3. Women 100m: Anna Grimaldi T47 12.67s PB 1, Anna Steven 13.99s 2, Paddy Walsh 15.05s 3. Shot put: Lisa Adams (Lake City Rotorua) 14.68m 1, Caitlin Dore (Otago) 8.53m 2, Sionann Murphy (Takapuna) 7.88m 3.

image credit and used for editorial purposes: World Athletics

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