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Welcome to the Yoga Area

Yoga - What is yoga and what are the benefits

Yoga - What is yoga and what are the benefits

We have dedicated time to this subject, because we feel that anything that improves mind, spirit and body, can only improve one’s life and running performances. [Read more…]

The secret of Asanas

life wave

This article continues on from the Introduction to the Practise of Asanas

The secret of ASANAS

The subtle body has seven principal energy centers and many secondary ones. When a yogi performs an asana, the specific configuration taken by the force centers (CHAKRAS) creates a connection to the corresponding subtle energies from the Universe through the process of RESONANCE. [Read more…]

Practicing Hatha Yoga

This article continues on from The Secret of Asanas

Practicing Hatha Yoga
By contrast with the normal approach in sports, asanas do not intend to increase the muscular mass, the force, speed or endurance – they don’t aim for effort. In fact, asanas are the exact opposite of aerobics and other sports. The keyword here is “suppleness”. The practice of asanas should not be accompanied by effort. [Read more…]

Introduction to the practice of Asanas

HoriaThe Introduction to the practice of Asanas, is contributed by Horia Cristescu of His input is considered valuable by Time-to-Run in our quest to assist you in improving performances and your lifestyle.

Most modern yoga classes and books have lost the secret key of Hatha Yoga. The true purpose of the ancient practices of the yoga system is to bring a superior balance and awaken the subtle energies of the body. It is not so much a physical practice but a spiritual practice based on SHAKTI, the fundamental vibrating energy of every human being. [Read more…]