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Introduction to the practice of Asanas

HoriaThe Introduction to the practice of Asanas, is contributed by Horia Cristescu of His input is considered valuable by Time-to-Run in our quest to assist you in improving performances and your lifestyle.

Most modern yoga classes and books have lost the secret key of Hatha Yoga. The true purpose of the ancient practices of the yoga system is to bring a superior balance and awaken the subtle energies of the body. It is not so much a physical practice but a spiritual practice based on SHAKTI, the fundamental vibrating energy of every human being.

Hatha Yoga is an age-old discipline of Yoga. Hatha comes from “ha” – solar (+) and “tha” – lunar (-), the harmonious union of the two opposite aspects in the human body. The practice of yoga postures (ASANAS) aims to open and purify the energy centers (CHAKRAS) and energy channels (NADIS).

Asanas position 1Our goal is to introduce in Occident an initiatic or paranormal approach to the practice of asanas. At the present moment, the literature about asanas is rich, however, it presents a major flaw – it focuses exclusively on the exterior, exoteric, aspects, leaving the hidden, esoteric aspects unknown. But how is this possible ? Let’s see … first of all, the tantric masters who really know the secrets of Hatha Yoga chose not to reveal to the large masses their esoteric knowledge on asanas, preferring to transmit this information “from mouth to ear”, never committing it in writing. Even the most famous texts on Hatha Yoga : Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita and Siva Samhita are at best very elliptic, never offering a plain explanation for everyone to understand.

The second reason for this regrettable situation is the lack of deep mystical experience of the most yoga instructors and book authors from our days. As a result, there are a number of wide spread misconceptions about Hatha Yoga. Asanas are not mere physical exercises and they are not meant simply for health and relaxation. We submit to your attention the concept of asanas as paranormal training exercises.

The Secret of Asanas continues on from the above article

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