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Athletics New Zealand Announces Revised Rio Squad

Athletics New Zealand Announces Revised Rio Squad

New Zealand Rio Squad

New Zealand Rio Squad

The list of athletes and their coaches invited to be members of the 2011-2012 Rio Squad has been released. A total of fifty one athletes have been named in two levels, Gold and Silver for the next twelve months.

As planned, the squad standards have been raised for Stage 2 of the project. It was intended that with the higher standards imposed each year, the squad would be trimmed, but the number of athletes making the cut to Stage 2 has both surprised and pleased Rio 2016 Performance Project Manager Terry Lomax.“We are finding that athletes are rising to the challenges put in front of them and that there is a big group of athletes striving for the ultimate goal of the project – a competitive team at Rio 2016 Olympic Games” said Lomax.

Lomax stresses that the door is not closed to the athletes who have not been named in Stage 2 and expects a number to rise to the challenge to make the squad.

In addition, the athlete’s coaches are included in the programme.

Gold Athletes

Zoe Ballantyne, Brendan Barnett, Matt Baxter, Kelsey Berryman, Portia Bing, Jesse Bryant, Peter Callagher, Hamish Carson, Dalton Coppins, Cameron French, Nick Gerrard, Margot Gibson, Madison Gipson, Cameron Graves, Paige Harwood, Joshua Hawkins, Ryan Howe, Pascal Kethers, Ben Langton-Burnell, Kieron McDonald, Brad Mathas, Julian Oakley, Florence Reynolds, Nicholas Southgate, Emma Sutherland, Tama Toki, Scott Walker, Andrew Whyte.

Silver Athletes

Mohammed Ali, Greer Alsop, Hazel Bowering-Scott, Rochelle Coster, Richard Callister, Tyler Collings, Daniel Dyet, Hayden Hall, Marshall Hall, James Hutchens, Stephen Isaac, Mackenzie Keenan, Ellie McCleery, Nicki McFadzien, Sarah McSweeney, Fiona Morrison, EJ Nathan, Daniel O’Shea, Franco Patu, Charles Scannell, Ryan Tinkle, Lauren Wilson, Campbell Wu.

Coaches of Gold athletes

Jim Baird, Michael Beable, Richard Drabcynski, Michael French, Penny Gillies, Karen Green, Paul Hamblyn, Gareth Hyett, Kevin Hoare, Russ Hoggard, Joe Hunter, Arch Jelly, Paul Lothian, Jeremy McColl, Andrew Maclennan, Barry Magee, Rob Mallinder, Jill Morrison, Alan Rubick, Graham Tattersall, Pauline Vercoe-Curtis.

Coaches of Silver athletes

Raylene Bates, Michael Beable, Matt Dallow, Don Garland, Andrea Hall, Maria Hassan, Russ Hoggard, Barry Jennings, Dave Lane, Jan Lothian, Andrew Maclennan, Scott McLaren, Sam McLean, Jill Morrison, Didier Poppe, John Quinn, Lance Smith, Shaka Solo, Graham Tattersall, John Tylden, Brent Ward.

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