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NZ and Oceania Cross Champs 2012

New Zealand and Oceania Cross Country Championships, Minogue Park Te Rapa – 4 August 2012

Cross Country

Cross Country

Kenyan Edwin Kaitany found the muddy underfoot conditions difficult as he sped to victory in the New Zealand cross country championships at Minogue Park Te Rapa on Saturday.

The 21 year old recorded 38m 54s for the 12km, beating Australian James Nipperess by 11 seconds. Sam Wreford of Timaru was third and being the first New Zealander collected his first senior national title. Alex Parlane was fourth ahead of fellow Auckland team mate John Schreuder.

Celia Sullohern of Australia won the women’s 8km in 29m 33s, ahead of leading triathlete Mikayla Nielsen of Waikato who followed up her junior title last year with the national senior crown. Matt Baxter of Taranaki won the M19 title while Kara MacDermid of Palmerston North enjoyed success in the W19 division. Gabrielle O’Rourke of Wellington was the best of the master women with Michael Pugh of Waikato heading in the master men.

Senior 12km: Edwin Kaitany (Kenya) 38m 54s 1, James Nipperess (Aust) 39m 5s 2, Sam Wreford (Cant) 39m 36s 3, Alex Parlane (Akld) 40m 29s 4, John Schreuder (Akld) 40m 41s 5, Evan Cooper (Wgtn) 40m 56s 6.
Masters 8km: Michael Pugh (Waik BoP) 27m 4s 1, Stephen Day (Wgtn) 27m 14s 2, Richard Bennett (Cant) 27m 28s 3.
M19 8km: Matt Baxter (Taranaki) 26m 20s 1, Antoine Bonnet (Manawatu/Wanganui) 26m 30s 2, Michael Sutton (Waik BoP) 26m 45s 3.
M16 6km: Jacob Priddey (Waik BoP) 20m 14s 1, Marcus Karamanolis (Wgtn) 20m 27s 2, Nicholas Pointon (Wgtn) 20m 49s 3.
B14 3km: Tom Caughley (Wgtn) 9m 59s 1, Angus White (Taranaki) 10m 3s 2, Bradley Christison (Napier) 10m 6s 3.
B12 2km: Isaiah Priddey (Hamilton) 6m 44s 1, Cameron Gray (Fairfield) 7m 0s 2, Michael Wood (Akld) 7m 3s 3.

Senior 8km: Celia Sullohern (Aust) 29m 33s 1, Mikayla Nielsen (Waik BoP) 29m 37s 2, Nicki McFadzien (Cant) 29m 43s 3, Sarah Drought (Wgtn) 30m 29s 4, Sally Gibbs (Waik BoP) 31m 2s 5, Rachel Kingsford (Otago) 31m 20s 6.
Masters 6km: Gabrielle O’Rourke (Wgtn) 22m 29s 1, Rachel Penney (Akld) 22m 45s 2, Stephanie MacKenzie (Wgtn) 23m 57s 3.
W19 6km: Kara MacDermid (Manawatu/Wanganui) 22m 42s 1, Georgie Grgec (Akld) 23m 28s 2, Grace McConnochie (Hawkes Bay/Gisborne) 23m 36s 3.
W16 4km: Rosa Flanagan (Cant) 14m 7s 1, Madeleine Evans (Akld) 14m 54s 2, Nicole Van der Kaay (Waik BoP) 15m 7s 3.
W14 3km: Ari Graham (Phoenix 10m 49s 1, Paige Satchell (Lake City) 10m 56s 2, Ainsley Thorpe (Pakuranga) 11m 8s 3.
W12 2km: Mya Graham (Phoenix) 7m 26s 1, Kushla Smith (Wgtn) 7m 38s 2, Mollie Kroon (Akld) 7m 41s 3.


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