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Secondary Schools Cross Country Champs 2015

Cross Country

Cross Country

East Taieri – New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships at Gladfield Golf Course a success for Conal Wilson

Conal Wilson followed in his brothers’ footsteps by winning the senior boys’ title in Dunedin on Saturday. His brother Declan won the title in 2010 and 2011 while Finn triumphed two years ago.

Wilson dominated the race from the start and was joined by Daniel Hoy Christian Conder, Cameron Avery and Harry Ewing. Into the final lap the pressure went on and Wilson gained a break and went on to beat Hoy by 17 seconds in 20:10. Hoy was second last year. Ewing was third in 20:32.

Wilson said that it was a difficult race.
“Dan and Cam kept putting on the pressure. It was extremely muddy especially on the back bits down the banks of the hills but I just love that kind of race and it worked perfectly for me,” said Wilson.

“I wanted to do it for my family, I wanted to make them proud,” he added.

The Wilson boys come from a fine running pedigree with their uncle Peter O’Donoghue, the bronze medallist in the 1500m at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games and all having former top Auckland runner Bruce Jones, world cross country representative in 1977 and 1979, as their coach.

Isabella Richards, who juggles cross country running with soccer, won the senior girls title after finishing third last year. Her father, Ian, was a member of the team that won the gold medal in the road cycling time trial at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games. Ari Graham gave Richards plenty of competition over the first half and Kelsey Forman was just seven seconds adrift of her at the finish. Grace Wood was third in 15:38.

Richards said that she was not feeling too great at the finish.

“The race started off very fast and I made my break up the steep little hill on the back fields, I over exerted a little bit but it was good in the end,” she said.

The 17 year old said it was great to win in her last year at school.

“Last year I was very sick after the race, I was very disappointed so I’m really glad that I could redeem myself in my last year it’s great to win after about ten years of competing cross country,” she added.

Isaiah Priddey, who found the ground conditions really tough, improved from his second placing last year to win the junior boys 4000m in 13:47.

Hannah O’Connor second in year nine girls last year was impressive in the junior girls leading throughout to win the 3000m by a wide margin in 11:07. Noah Macdermid won the year nine boys while Phoebe McKnight took out the year nine girls by three seconds.

Senior Boys 6000m: 1 Conal Wilson (AGS) 20:10, 2 Daniel Hoy (Westlake BHS) 20:27, 3 Harry Ewing (St Peters School Cambridge) 20:32.

Senior Girls 4000m: 1 Isabella Richards (St Kentigern) 15:15, 2 Kelsey Forman (Wgtn East Girls’ College) 15:22, 3 Grace Wood (St Kentigern) 15:38.

Junior Boys 4000m: 1 Isaiah Priddey (Hamilton BHS) 13:47, 2 Kalani Sheridan (Nayland College) 13:52, 3 Samuel Tanner (Bethlehem College) 13:55.

Junior Girls 3000m: 1 Hannah O’Connor (Sacred Heart Girls N/Ply) 11:07, 2 Amelia Persson (Christchurch Girls’ HS) 11:43, 3 Tessa Hunt (Wgtn East Girls’ College) 11:49.

Year 9 Boys 3000m: 1 Noah Macdermid (Awatapu College) 10:47, 2 Jaxon Taylor (Sthld Boys’ HS) 10:50, 3 Murdoch McIntyre (Westlake BHS) 10:51.

Year 9 Girls 3000m: 1 Phoebe McKnight (Hutt Valley HS) 11:21, 2 Liliana Braun (Cashmere HS) 11:24, 3 Kristin Rae (Wgtn East Girls’ College) 11:46.

Senior Para-Athlete 2000m: 1 Josh Rosie (Kings HS) 8:04, 2 Zachary Edwards (Rangiora) 10:08, 3 Bret Genet-Rentoul (Ranigora) 11:31, 4 Emma Tull (Rangiora) 15:40.

Junior Para-Athlete 2000m: 1 George Adam (St Andrews) 10:01, 2 Emma Symon (Rangiora) 15:55, 3 April Haig (Ranigora) 16:09.

Team Races: SB 3 person Westlake BHS from Cashmere HS, 6 person Sacred Heat Auckland from AGS. JB 3 and 6 Wellington College from Hamilton BHS. Y/9 B 3 and 6 AGS from Westlake BHS. SG 3 St Kentigern from Wanganui Collegiate, 6 St Cuthbert’s from Wanganui Collegiate. JG 3 Christchurch GHS from St Cuthbert’s, 6 St Cuthbert’s from St Hilda’s Collegiate. Y/9 G 3 W

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