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Track Results 18th – 25th Oct 2014

Track Meetings

Results from the New Zealand track scene over the period 18th to 25th October, from Hastings to Invergall

Central League Meeting, Hawke’s Bay Sports Park, Percival Road – 25 October 2014
Alex Howden 100m 11.70 (-3.6), Saravee Sos 11.74, Finn Yeats 11.79. Sos 200m 22.18 (0.0). Georgia Hulls 100m 13.15 (-3.9), 200m 25.62 (-2.0). Alison Andrews-Paul 200m 26.75 (-2.0), 400m 58.03. Scott Burch 400m 49.46, Quin Hartley J/M 400m 52.32, 110m H 16.15 (-2.2), 400m H 57.86. Stevie Paine 800m 2:21.97. Josh Ledger 800m 2:00.87. Holly Manning 1500m 4:47.72. Kaleb Wright Y/M 1500m 4:28.31. David Lovelock 5000m 14:51.66, Harry Burnard 16:42.59. Alice Bird 2000m St 7:37.29. Phoebe Edwards Y/W 100m H 14.87 (-1.0), LJ 5.61m (+3.4), HJ 1.60m, JT 25.64m. Jordan Peters LJ 6.97m (+2.6), HJ 2.00m. Briana Stephenson Y/W HJ 1.63m. Anna Thomson TJ 11.55m (+1.5). Scott Thomson TJ 14.68m (+0.9). Monica Burnard DT 39.10m. Ariana Blackwood JT 32.99m. Aiden Smith Y/M JT 53.48m. Emma Kruzsona Y/W HT 42.12m.
Points: Palmerston North Harrier and Athletic 214, Athletics Wairarapa 133, Hastings Athletic Club 110.

Athletics Wellington Meeting, Newtown Park – 18 October 2014
Saravee Sos won the sprint double in 11.09 (+1.5) over 100m and 22.08 (+2.8) in the 200m. Abby Stuart won the same double in the youth women in 12.98 (+2.4) and 26.80 (+1.1). Finn Yeats youth 100m 11.21 (+1.3) from Nicholas Smith 11.25. Alex Haye won the youth 200m in 22.74 (+2.8) from Smith 22.94. Renata Mahiuka won the junior men 100m in 11.31 (+1.5). Jonty Morison (17) was sharp in the youth 400m in 51.75. Matthew Twort won the junior 400m in 55.74. In the youth women 800m Izzy Hegan recorded 2:18.25. Dougal Thorburn won the 3000m in 9:15.75. Phoebe Edwards youth 100m H 14.91 (+1.5) and 3kg SP 11.51m. Peter Baillie 3000m RW 16:46.73. Anna Thomson TJ 11.39m (-2.9).

Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting – 22 October 2014
Dale Pritchard went close to his best in the senior discus with a throw of 48.87m. Chris Brake 6.14m (+1.2) in the long jump. Katie Thompson 5.25m LJ.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain – 18 October 2014
Rosie Robinson 2000m race walk 9:19.10. Kelsey Berryman 200m mx 26.09 (0.0). Tom Maslin youth LJ 6.15m (+1.3), TJ 12.32m (+0.5). Alex Mander youth HJ 1.86m, 700g JT 42.80m. Hannah Boyd 3kg HT 45.00m. Sabine Keenan 300m 43.42. Sami Kokich TJ 10.28m (+1.0), Celena Music 10.02m (+0.7).

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain – 25 October 2014
Kelsey Berryman 100m 12.40 (+0.7) mx, HJ 1.57m. Hilary Harper J/W 100m 12.85 (+0.4) 400m 61.42, LJ 5.14m (+1.8). Ari Graham (15) 400m 61.66. Josh Browne 400m 52.55. Christopher Dryden 5000m 16:35.95. Alex Mander (17) 100m 11.95 (+0.7), 300m H 42.37, PV 3.90m, 700g JT 50.14m. Matthew Prest 3000m 9:01.01, Tannock Blair 9:01.51, Sean Eustace 9:05.76. Abby Williamson 10:36.49 mx.Tom Maslin (17) LJ 6.35m (+0.4). Ben Collerton (16) HJ 1.87m, LJ 6.13m (+1.3). Anna McNab SW HT 33.68m, DT 30.77m, SP 8.46m. Ruby Cochrane JW DT 40.57m. Celena Music TJ 10.52m (-0.8). Ngarama O’Keefe 3kg SP 11.99m. Larissa McKewen Y/W DT 37.69m, HT 33.08m. Hannah Boyd Y/W HT 45.58m.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 24 October 2014
Daniel O’Shea 100m 10.79 (+2.4), 200m 21.75 (+2.6). Fiona Hely 100m 12.57 (+3.7). Oliver Chignell (16) 3000m 9:07.27, Lorenz Kissling (19) 9:03.94. Madaline Spence (17) 300m hurdles 45.35. In the triple jump Daniel Ryan (14) 11.03m (+2.5), Hannah Ashton (13) 9.29m (+3.4), Leonie Palmer (15) 9.85m (+2.6). Brent Cheshire HJ 1.85m. Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 43.43m. Libby Jones J/W 1kg DT 36.83m, 4kg HT 37.81m.

Athletics Southland Meeting, Surrey Park – 24 October 2014
Sam Welsh started his season with a pleasing 45.83m discus (1.5 kg) backed up by 12.78m shot (5kg). The 17 year old has both events in his sights for NZSS. Emma Ryan and Hinewai Collins were best of the women throwers with 11.07m shot puts, Emma winning on count back. Atipa Mabonga triple jumped 11.38m (+2.3) plus legal wind 11.28m (+1.8) and Lauren Brown 10.44m (+2.1). Charlotte Hopcroft 14 had the fastest 100m time of all women with 13.17 (+3.8). Sam Stewart 17 with 11.64 (+3.4) and 23.57 (+3.1) was the best of the male sprinters. Jack Beaumont battled strong headwinds in the back straight to win the 3000m in 9:13.12 with Liam Cullen second in 9:16.61. Emma Hopcroft (16) was out to 5.08m (+1.5) in the LJ.


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