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Results from Melbourne Classic

Nick Willis

Nick Willis

Melbourne Track Classic, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park – 2/3 March 2012
Friday 2 March 2012
: Nick Willis finished third in the 1500m in 3m 39.77s, Hamish Carson was eighth in 3m 45.95s. Angie Smit was third in the 800m in 2m 5.60s. Fiona Crombie fifth in the 3000m steeplechase in 10m 41.20s. Nneka Okpala second in the triple jump 12.84m (+2.1) also 12.76m (+2.0). James Mortimer fifth in the 400m hurdles in 51.84s and Brent Newdick fourth in the 110m hurdles in 14.92s (-2.5). Carl Van der Speck 100m preliminaries heat 1 eighth 11.02s (-2.2). Monique Williams 100m preliminaries heat 1 sixth 12.71s (-4.1), Fiona Morrison eighth 12.88s. Rochelle Coster heat 2 seventh 12.53s (-3.4).
Saturday 3 March 2012:
Elizabeth Lamb won the high jump clearing 1.83m, maintaining her unbeaten record on both sides of the Tasman this season. Stuart Farquhar was second in the javelin throw with 80.97m, exactly 2 metres short of the winning throw from Jarrod Bannister. Tom Walsh was third in the shot put with 18.11m. The 110m hurdles was re-run with Brent Newdick finishing fifth in 14.85s (-0.2). Marshall Hall was fifth in the discus with 50.60m. Brad Mathas was fourth in the B 800m in 1m 50.16s. Brett Tingay was eighth in the 3000m steeplechase in 9m 12.56s. Monique Williams was sixth in the 200m in 24.75s (+1.0), Camille Buscomb ran a personal best 1500m of 4m 19.66s for seventh with Hannah Newbould ninth in 4m 23.96s, Fiona Morrison was fourth in the 100m hurdles in 13.88s (+0.8). Jake Robertson excelled in the 5000m running his second fastest time of 13m 29.71s for fourth with Hamish Carson 12th in 14m 00.73s.

Finals Results:

Men.-800m B: Johnny Rayner (Aust) 1m 49.63s 1, Darcy Sutton (Aust) 1m 49.74s 2, Andrew Rotich (Kenya) 1m 50.06s 3, Brad Mathas (NZ) 1m 50.16s 4.
Ryan Gregson (Aust) 3m 38.51s 1, David Torrence (USA) 3m 39.32s 2, Nick Willis (NZ) 3m 39.77s 3, Hamish Carson (NZ) 3m 45.95s 8.
Craig Mottram (Aust) 13m 18.58s 1, Collis Birmingham (Aust) 13m 22.30s 2, Ben True (USA) 13m 26.56s 3, Jake Robertson (NZ) 13m 29.71s 4, Carson 14m 00.73s 12.
110m hurdles:
Siddhanth Thingalaya (India) 14.13s 1, Ben Khongbut (Aust) 14.29s 2, Michael Tysoe (Aust) 14.42s 3, Brent Newdick (NZ) 14.85s 5.
400m hurdles:
Brendan Cole (Aust) 49.39s 1, Tristan Thomas (Aust) 50.23s 2, Michael Bultheel (Belgium) 51.30s 3, James Mortimer (NZ) 51.84s 5.
3000m steeplechase:
Youcef Abdi (Aust) 8m 35.29s 1, Peter Nowill (Aust) 8m 35.76s 2, James Nipperess (Aust) 8m 41.94s 3, Brett Tingay (NZ) 9m 12.56s 8.
Shot put:
Dale Stevenson (Aust) 20.16m 1, Emanuele Fuamatu (Samoa) 19.46m 2, Tom Walsh (NZ) 18.11m 3.
Discus throw:
Julian Wruck (Aust) 61.54m 1, Benn Harradine (Aust) 60.51m 2, Scott Martin (Aust) 54.67m 3, Marshall Hall (NZ) 50.60m 6.
Javelin throw:
Jarrod Bannister (Aust) 82.97m 1, Stuart Farquhar (NZ) 80.97m 2, Joshua Robinson (Aust) 78.97m 3.

200m: Sally Pearson (Aust) 23.02s 1, Monice Brennan (Aust) 23.93s 2, Hayley Butler (Aust) 23.93s 3, Monique Williams (NZ) 24.75s 6.
Tamsyn Manou (Aust) 2m 2.64s 1, Katherine Katsanevakis (Aust) 2m 5.32s 2, Angie Smit (NZ) 2m 5.60s 3.
Kaila McKnight (Aust) 4m 10.52s 1, Zoe Buckman (Aust) 4m 10.62s 2, Bridey Delaney (Aust) 4m 15.74s 3, Camille Buscomb (NZ) 4m 19.66s 7, Hannah Newbould (NZ) 4m 23.96s 9.
100m hurdles:
Pearson 12.49s 1, Yvette Lewis (USA) 13.22s 2, Butler 13.47s 3, Fiona Morrison (NZ) 13.88s 4.
3000m steeplechase:
Victoria Mitchell (Aust) 9m 57.85s 1, Genevieve LaCaze (Aust) 10m 14.86s 2, Milly Clark (Aust) 10m 17.63s 3, Fiona Crombie (NZ) 10m 41.20s 5.
Triple jump: Linda Allen (Aust) 13.70m 1, Nneka Okpala (NZ) 12.84m 2, Josie Nichol (Aust) 12.82m 3.
High jump: Elizabeth Lamb (NZ) 1.83m 1, Ashleigh Reid (Aust) 1.80m 2, Jane Doolittle (Aust) 1.75m 3.

NSW Athletics, Waratah – 3 March 2012: Madison Gipson 60m 7.97s (+1.3) 4th, 200m 25.21s (0.0) 5th.

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