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Women only events by Cassandra Davis

Women Only Events

Women Only Events

All over the world a trend towards creating races for women only is on the rise. This was very evident in the increase in total from 5 000 in 2004 to 7 894 participants in the 9th edition of the French “La Parisienne” race held on September 18 2005.

The race starts at the Eiffel tower and takes a 6km loop along the Seine river. 6 km is a very manageable distance for most women and therefore attracts women of all ages and capacity. The race has unique entry categories for prizes such as, friends, colleagues, mothers and grandmothers categories. Each finisher receiving a rose and medal for their efforts.

This edition was also special in that it paid homage to Colette Besson the French women 400m Olympic gold medalist who died recently from cancer.

This event also supports a breast cancer awareness programme. By contributing 1 euro, participants get an armband to run with to show their support.

Workshops and stands on coaching tips for women, footcare, aromatherapy, and nutrition were also present throughout the weekend at the race site, provided added features to attract women to continue and take up running. Races such as this one, which have childcare facilities, are a big plus for mothers.

Women only races are like a healthy version of a women’s night out, mother’s day, and mother and daughter bonding all rolled into one. There is also the advantage that you don’t have some macho guy sprint pass you in the last 100 metres and only to congratulate you on the finish line!

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