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Safe Running While Pregnant 

If you’re a runner who is expecting, you probably have a lot of questions. While doctors once advised pregnant women to take it easy, now, they emphasize the importance of staying active. Still, you want to protect your child. [Read more…]

Guidelines for Women With PCOS 

If you’re a woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), your physician has likely advised you to control your weight through diet and exercise. However, the symptoms of this disease can sometimes make movement challenging. If you’re a fitness buff with this disorder, what guidelines should you follow when exercising? [Read more…]

Exercise Guidelines during Pregnancy

Running during Pregnancy

Running during Pregnancy

All women must gain weight during pregnancy. Fetal growth and maternal health are reliant on this weight gain. It must be noted that weight gain is closely linked to the infant’s birth-weight and this often a strong indicator of the health and development of the child. [Read more…]

The Running Shoe Generation Gap

Women Running Shoes

Women Running Shoes

Your feet take the brunt of the punishment during running, each one pounds the ground some 600 times per km. Running shoes are therefore, the most important equipment needed to absorb shock and to remain injury free.. [Read more…]

Tokyo on a Trot by Cassandra Davis

Running in Tokyo

Running in Tokyo

I recently had a business trip to Tokyo, which was my first visit to Japan.

So, naturally I was worrying beforehand if I would be able to run there without getting lost, I had visions of myself trying to memorise street names in Japanese. To my surprise and delight, I discovered when consulting the website of the hotel in which I was staying that they provided a jogging route complete with land markers; three circuit routes between 1.5 and 3kms crossing Japanese gardens and temples. [Read more…]

Running with poles by Cassandra Davis

Last year when I ran in the Mauritanian desert I met a Finnish competitor with ski poles. He was getting teased like mad by everyone asking him if he was expecting it to snow – the temperature was about 50°C! He also had an umbrella for the sun (no, he wasn’t expecting rain either), and I was wondering how he was going to hold it considering he only had one pair of arms and hands. However, during the long desert trail with many stones and obstacles, I got to thinking he may have been onto something with his poles for helping to trudge through soft sand and over rocky outcrops. You never know, they might also have come in handy as a weapon against the odd snake. [Read more…]

Further Female Problems on the run

Run Easy

Further Female Problems on the run follows on from the first article – Female Problems on the run

Bikini line

Here again this is a very personal issue. But, one thing is for sure, running shorts and excess hair are not very flattering. The problem is that getting rid of unwanted hair, be it with a razor, bikini wax or other, together with the combination of sweat makes the skin prone to rashes, little infections and not to mention cause itchiness. Once again the pot of Vaseline comes to the rescue, if rub a little onto the bared skin it will alleviate these problems. [Read more…]


Women runners and testosterone levels

The questions related to testosterone levels in women. Testosterone – Will I grow stubble on my chin and develop big muscles from running? Believe it or not this is a common question that women who have never run want to know when contemplating running or embarking on an exercise programme. This is all related to levels of testosterone, a taboo hormone women like to pretend is strictly reserved for men or emasculated female college athletes. It has often been used as a performance enhancing drug which has further given the hormone a bad reputation. [Read more…]

Footcare for the Woman

Footcare - Summer toe

Footcare – Summer toe

When Autumn comes around, one thing I am usually quite thankful for is to be able to revert to closed shoes and not have to worry about my unsightly feet. Ironically, in the winter my feet, and more especially my toenails recover and are usually in good shape. Then when it is time to dig out the sandals again, I seem to be afflicted with another big toenail infection, with the result being that I have to sport toes with no nails or nails in various stages of regrowth for the entire summer months. Let’s face it running and pretty feet are not compatible. For women this is more of a problem when tempted by those tempting strappy sandals, the effect is quite obliterated by the ugly toenails. Over the years, I have learned some tips on how to doctor my own feet and cover up unsightly nails. [Read more…]

Paula’s pit stop by Cassandra Davis

Following the third fantastic performance and win of Paula Radcliffe in the London Marathon, I was truly shocked to see how media attention and public focused on her 10 second nature pit stop. [Read more…]