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Further Female Problems on the run

Run Easy

Further Female Problems on the run follows on from the first article – Female Problems on the run

Bikini line

Here again this is a very personal issue. But, one thing is for sure, running shorts and excess hair are not very flattering. The problem is that getting rid of unwanted hair, be it with a razor, bikini wax or other, together with the combination of sweat makes the skin prone to rashes, little infections and not to mention cause itchiness. Once again the pot of Vaseline comes to the rescue, if rub a little onto the bared skin it will alleviate these problems.

Runny nose
Problems on the runThere is really nothing I despise more than running alongside someone who presses down one nostril at a time and snorts into the pavement. Runny noses are a definitely a problem though, mine runs all the time while I am running. To overcome this, in Summer I run with a double layer of kitchen towelling in my hand as this is more absorbing than Kleenex. In Winter I simply wear gloves and dab my nose against them from time to time. Of course this adds excess to the wash basket, but who cares.

Well here is one problem that you can’t do too much about. I myself am lucky in that I hardly sweat at all. But there are some tips you should bare in mind. Always change your T-shirt, sweating over old sweat really accentuates odour. Never wear strong perfume it makes you smell even worse. If your skin and clothes are clean to start off a run, then there is no need to be self-conscious if you are soaking in sweat, only stale sweat smells really bad. Try and stay off the spicy foods as they really do exudes from your pores. Some runners carry a sponge or towelling washcloth to wipe excess sweat away, sweat can be a problem if it gets in your eyes.

Nature calls while on the run
Even if you empty your bowels and are sure not to drink anything an hour before running, nature still has a nasty habit of calling just when there is none of it to crouch down behind. If you are prone to needing a pit stop on runs, make sure your routes have secret spots suited for this purpose. In Summer time, wearing traditional shorts rather than cycling shorts are easier for women, as you don’t actually have to take them off, you can just pull the crutch over to one side. In Winter, though it is best to have on a long T-shirt or jacket so that when you squat down you do not have to bear all.

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