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How does running affect contraception and infertility?

Running - contraception and infertility

Running – contraception and infertility

The absence of periods in runners of course often causes infertility, and is a major concern for even the recreational runner. However, there are also many cases of runners and non-runners with amenorrea who have fallen pregnant, so that running is not a recommended form of contraception.

However, psychological factors could also play a role in infertility, in that, if a runner is not ready to give up running to have a child, the body will not respond. Emotional stress, whether related to running or not, can also affect the menstrual cycle. Your partner, if he is a runner, could also exacerbate the problem due to a low sperm count owing to his running. Running can cause the testicles to become overheated and thus lower the sperm count. Men often have a lot of stress in their daily work, especially at the age when a woman wants to fall pregnant, which coincides with the time they are proving themselves in their careers. Running, as an extra physical stress, could be unfavorable for healthy sperm production reducing volume and mobility.

Runners with amenorrea who are trying for a baby should consult a specialist, and if possible, a running-friendly GYN/OBS, who understands the effects of exercise on the menstrual cycle. Most often they will just jump to the conclusion that running is the problem and advise you to stop completely which could lead to many other frustrations and potentially block you further from falling pregnant.

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