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Are there any products which stop sweating?

Following on from the article: No Sweat .. Those Sticky Sweaty Problems and What types of clothing are best for sweating? by Cassandra Davis

Any products which stop sweating

Any products which stop sweating


Are there any products which stop sweating?

The best advice is to try to keep the body extremely clean using a  pH neutral soap and deodorant, and avoid tight fitting clothing that do not allow air circulate.

  • Aluminium chloride hexahydrate, is an effective antiperspirant that is applied to the skin to control severe excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). It works by blocking the sweat glands. This causes the pressure of fluid within the sweat glands to rise to the point where it shuts off sweat production.

Some other simple remedies include cooling off hands and feet in water.  There are also more radical treatments using electric current and painful local injections with toxine botulique which make the nerves go to sleep.

NB: Sweating is normal and completely necessary.  Remember it is essential to replenish the liquids lost through sweating during and especially directly after exercising.  A quick shower and change of clothing will save your entourage from any offputting sweaty odours.

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